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Example: Customer development survey for your next startup idea

So you have an idea, but is it any good? You need to go and talk to prospective customers and find out before you spend a bunch of time and cash finding out the beauty is really a beast.

customer development survey startup

But what does a customer development survey look like? Fortunately I came across one that was used by T.A. McCann in a great blog he wrote recently. Whilst it is not perfect, you don’t come across good ones often.. So this is it, this blog is just an example of a survey to give you a basis for thinking about how to write yours.

My first steps were a blend of customer development and MVP creation. I set up this survey to learn about potential customers and started having conversations with users in my target personas (“self-advocates” — people with critical or chronic health conditions looking to take control of their own health and “optimizers” — people who wanted to use data and experimentation to get more from their bodies and minds). I was lucky as I have experienced both of these states so I was scratching my own itch, which is a good thing to do as an entrepreneur.

Optimal health, peak performance – Developing the Personal Health Record

We’re working on a new company idea and would like your input.Our premise; everyone should have a digital copy of their “personal health record”. This could be as simple as a “Dropbox for your data” with basic health history (past conditions, allergies, surgeries, treatments,) and a copy of your past test results, easily referenced, (web, phone…) and shareable if you choose. It will evolve to include more dynamic connections to data (e.g. activity monitors (Fitbit)) and further to include everything from diet, sleep, emotional health… In a fully imagined case, the system would seamlessly collect and organize your data, present it in ways that helps you deeply understand your own health and make better decisions, often in collaboration with your healthcare providers.

We plan to start by making it simple and elegant to get a copy of your records from your doctor(s), organize them and provide a simple view on your phone. This is the MVP.

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs, software developers, doctors and athletes who believe the world will be a better place if everyone can better understand themselves and take a more active role in living with “optimal health and peak performance”.

In support of this effort, we have created a short survey to collect data. We would appreciate your input and look forward to sharing progress as we move forward. Thank you in advance for your help.


T.A. McCann

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Your name *


Email address

Do you have a copy of your “personal health record”?
This means something like a folder on your computer or the web that contains copies or data that reflect your personal health records.
If yes, can you tell me a bit more about the solution?

Based on the description of below, how much do you want a personal health record (PHR)?
An web/desktop folder that contains your basic health background, a copy of previous diagnoses, test results, operations and a timeline that shows results of related items (e.g. cholesterol readings, blood pressure, etc.). This system would provide easy access from the web or your phone and be optimized for personal monitoring and sharing with others (family, physician…). Using this PHR, you could easily add new data and gain a better understanding of your health.
Don’t care
OMG, please get this to my tomorrow
Have you heard of or tried any of the following solutions for PHR?
Physician provided solutions (on their system, e.g. MyChart by Epic)
PHR by Blue Cross
SmartPHR (
Approximate annual income…
Assuming our PHR existed, how much do you think you’d pay for it?
Granted, we don’t have all the features built out yet, but just trying to get a gauge of perceived value.
If you could send us your old paper results and we could scan them in for you, how much would you pay for that one time service?
Is there a specific feature that you really want or that would add tremendous value?

Serious health conditions?

As we consider the solution, we think there will be even higher value for people who’ve had serious health issues. These situations often require lots of information sharing and discovery of causation and correlation of treatments and providers, yet many patients and families struggle to organize the data. We are trying to help this situation.
Have you ever had a serious medical condition? (e.g. Cancer, life threatening illness)
If yes, could you tell us a bit more about it?
Condition, duration, treatment, outcome…

About how long were you in active treatment?

If yes, how many different doctors including specialists, did you see during the course of your treatment?
If yes, were these doctors/care givers able to share data/your records easily?

Searching for health related info

72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year based on September 2012 Pew Research survey and it is the third most searched for topic. Is this you?
How often do you search the web for health related data?
Patients Like Me
Condition specific forums
Social sites (e.g. Facebook)
During your searches, are you mostly looking for information for…
When searching are you mostly on your…
For the information you find, how do you capture it or save it for later?
For the info you find, do you often share/discuss with your physician or other care providers?

Health data tracking

The world is exploding with ways to track more about your own health. The solutions will only increase in number, functionality, fidelity and ability to collect data in a passive way. This is exciting for our health, but for many, getting the data into one place and correlating it can be very challenging. We aim to solve this problem too.
Do you use any of the following solutions to track your own health data?
Fitbit or other activity monitor
MapMyRun, Strava or other workout tracker
MyFitnessPal or other meal tracker
SleepTime or other sleep tracker
Everymove or other health aggregation service
InsideTracker or other blood monitoring solution
Glucose monitor
Withings or other connected scale
23andme or other DNA testing services
Apple Health Kit (iPhone)
Are there other health related solutions that you love and recommend to others?

How active are you?
How motivated are you to improve your health?
Not much
I spend lots of time and money trying to be healthier

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