Wanelo’s First One Million Users Presentation


Deena Varshavskaya founder and CEO of Wanelo gave a presentation at 500Startups COMMERCISM 2014. I read the deck two years ago when I was looking into the discovery commerce industry. In the video (above) and deck (below) Deena chats about her failings and how the team and her got to her first one million users.

It’s a pretty honest, casual chat that is worth having a listen to. She also calls Dave ‘charming.’ 😉 If you’re starting to raise for the first time it’s reassuring to know she got 40 rejections. If you’re sitting alone in a room dreaming of something cool, Deena also shares that’s it not easy to build a team and get your ‘CTO’ (surprise!). You need to get out there to make things happen.

The first one million users deck


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