Mobile growth handbook 2016

Mobile Growth Handbook 2016 – 45 tips and hacks from growth experts

Struggling with mobile growth? Well I found a mobile growth handbook¬†with a list of 45 tips to try that’s worth 15 minutes of your time flicking through to list a few to implement and help hit your targets!

The deck is below, but I have pulled out a few bullet points on ones that are worth reading.

Some of the ones I like include:

  • Before your app goes live use the text¬†“Join the waitlist” instead of “Coming soon”
  • Hustle for PR – the moment you get one journal to feature, email that link to all other bloggers and they are far more likely to post about you. Seems journos follow a herd pitch deckmentality
  • You need 5 ratings for the last update of your app to register. Get those 5 star rating asap to aid with conversion by hook or crook! Ping everyone on your team, your family etc
  • The easiest way to be featured on appstores is to know people there. So network and meet ‘those guys’
  • Launch your app in a smaller market like Australia. App features are more likely to happen at launch. So before you launch in the US, test in another market to have a more stale product
  • SEO works for apps. Optimise your landing page!
  • Incentivised installs don’t work. Don’t buy!
  • Use signup to teach how to use your app – don’t make it so easy. You’ll never have the same level of attention
  • Pre-fill user data on signup. Twitter got 30% better conversion by profiling handles
  • Don’t send a ‘welcome email’ for a few hours, think about it as a first re-engagement
  • Users with a promo code are 3x more likely to convert to paid
  • User retention happens in the first 3 days of usage
  • Email is a massive driver of retention and engagement
  • Text invitation conversion is still the highest

What did you think of the obile handbook? Do you have any tips to share? Sound out in the comments below!

Mobile Growth Handbook 2016

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