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AIAR pitch deck to raise series-A capital investment

This is the AIAR pitch deck used to raise an undisclosed series-A round according to CrunchBase (Which is a bit sketchy, I’m not sure about this one, guys). I stumbled upon this deck in Google and it wasn’t bad, so wanted to share it. You want to steal inspiration from the format, so frankly, who cares if the round is real or not.  They’re selling a huge vision at a scale which is not normal, so I like that.

In total, they have raised around $1.1m (translated into USD) from what is disclosed. As I said, when #s are not disclosed I am dubious.

AIAR was founded in 2016 by pitch deckRufus Lidman.

About AIAR

AIAR is revolutionizing learning with its unique microlearning approach. Through AI for personalization and AR for just-in-time access, education is made simple, accessible and time-/cost-efficient. In record time, AIAR’s first microlearning application Digital Marketing Pro (DMP) has become the world’s second most downloaded app for learning in digital marketing. Now AIAR is getting ready to

Digital Marketing Pro (DMP)
AIAR’s first microlearning application is Digital Marketing Pro (DMP). Focusing on digital marketing strategy, it is a precursor of AIAR’s 3T-method (consisting of Tutorials, Tests & Tools) for customized learning.

The application has in record time become the second biggest in the world in learning for digital marketing, and will take on Google for the global number 1 position.

Funding rounds and investors

aiar funding rounds

AIAR pitch deck

Sorry Revolut shut down my Slideshare account as they’re cunts. Can’t find the deck again (yet).

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