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I’ve tried to structure this up for you to make it flow through the evolution of a startup.

If you’re running a startup, I recommend learning what you need to learn now. There’s so much you need to learn, it’s best to not learn too far in the future. Focus on the problems you have now that you have to learn about.

If you’re an advisor/lawyer/investor, pick whatever you find interesting.

Starting your startup

How much do you want to sell your startup for?

Passion is over-rated. Build a better mousetrap instead

Is there a structured approach to finding a great business idea for a new startup?

The real reason launch a startup faster (not talked about) 

What questions should you ask a potential startup cofounder?

Who becomes Startup CEO among co founders?

What should a startup founder salary be? Check out this calculator

25 startups that raised without a product

How do you validate a startup idea?

How to start a company right. Key terms when starting a company and fundraising

Intro and demo videos from famous startups

Sole founders are bad. You can’t build a billion dollar despicable me startup

The Ultimate Y-Combinator Guide of resources

YCombinator startup school

Investible Founding Startup Teams

Startup stories

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 1 Android and Flickr

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 2 Groupon and Instagram

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 3 Nokia and PayPal

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 4 Pinterest and Rovio

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 5 Shopify and Slack

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 6 twitter and turntable

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 7 Woot and Yelp

Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame. 8 Youtube


Inspirational stories of the founder struggle

Why Founders Fail: The Product CEO Paradox by Ben Horowitz

Startup trends for death and stats on survival rates

Everest failed startup postmortem learnings

Failed business ideas. Lumos- IoT startup postmortem learnings

Accelerators and demo day

Monster list of YC Application Video

DTAC demo day pitching guide for startup founders looking for investment

Initial fundraising questions

A meaningful startup exit strategy is not the same thing for venture capital

Fundable startups are fundable

Sources and uses of funds runway calculator. How much to raise?

The two key business model tests to know if you are fundable

Will investors fund my startup idea?

Pitch decks

The pitch deck fuck you list

Why do they call a slide deck a “slide deck”? Where did it originate from?

What does send me the deck mean?

What’s a good file size for sending a pitch deck around?

Why I want a pitch deck before a pitch in a fundraising process

Pitch deck examples from VC funded startups

The fundraising documents you need to pitch venture capitalists

What DocSend learned from 200 startup pitchdecks that raised $360m

Sequoia capital business plan template

NextView pitch deck template for startups

Top VC Shares Guide to Pitch Deck Outline for Startups Fundraising

Reid Hoffman’s private pitch deck guide

Peter Theil pitch deck of Founders Fund. What he thinks is good

Guy Kawasaki 10/20/30 rule for founders startup business pitch deck

Pitch Deck Template Seed Stage Venture Capital Investor

35 ways on how to make a pitch deck from what not to do

Raising without a presentation deck to pitch

The key 16 pitch deck rules you need to know when pitching investors

One simple trick to make writing your startup description suddenly easy

How big can this get? Market sizing has killed many startup fundraises

Your solution is not my business problem

Should you include risk factors in an early-stage pitch deck? Free template

Pitch deck flick test. The test to know if venture capitalists will respond

Pitch deck thinking course:

What pitch material do you need?

What is a good deck?

The importance of narrative

What are the key questions investors will want to get from your deck?

How to approach writing decks

The flick test

Who do you trust with the pitch deck? Can I have an NDA?

How do you know if your deck is good?

How to send your deck to investors

Formatting your deck

25 tips

Financial models

How to fill in a financial model template

Why you are making a financial model for your fundraise is wrong

How to forecast your fundraising till you exit

How to make your financial model look professional. Before and after example

Use Dollars in your startup, especially for your financial model

Why your financial model should forecast 3 not 5 years

Running a process

Don’t lie to investors about who is investing

Fundraising process manager tool

Investors will end your pitch if you suck, but that’s a good thing

Fundraising strategy. Ask for what you need and try get what you want to raise

Don’t lie to investors about who is investing

What is the best time of year to fundraise for your startup

This is how to get a venture capital introduction for your startup fundraise

Writing a Cold Email Template for Venture Capital Investors

How to get funded by venture capital and angel investors

Non disclosure agreements (NDA) for startup fundraising don’t matter, so don’t sign nda

How do solo founders deal with their startup while pitching for funds?

Bill Reichert: Top 10 Lies VCs Tell Entrepreneurs

Critical feedback when you are crapping your pants

Learn the Secrets of Dealing with VCs with Venture Deals Co-Author Jason Mendelson

Should you use a professional fundraising advisor to raise your startup round?

The real reason founders are not funded VCs don’t say in a pitch process


How to actually win the award in a startup competition

Founder confidence. How you answer investors’ questions matter

40 pitch red flags which will undermine your startup fundraise

22 Tips on Pixar Storytelling Applied to Startups

A storytelling pitch exercise improv artists use which can help you raise

How founders should dress when pitching a VC your startup

How to do a demo in a venture capital pitch

How to pitch in a venture capital meeting

Investor pitch meanings. If they say this in your meeting you know if it went well or not

Real VC feedback on a founder’s startup

Want to know how to win at a startup pitch event? Watch this

Watch rapper Chamillionaire do a pitch for his startup Convoz

Any specific advice for female founders with regards to fund raising?

Presentations: The consequence of not knowing or not having interest in a topic

Who are your startup competitors?

Fundraising deal questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Fundraising financial questions: Questions to ask an entrepreneur. What VCs will ask

Fundraising sales questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Exit strategy for investors questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Term sheets

Due diligence checklist request list for startup fundraising from investors

Cap table

How to read fully diluted shares and total outstanding stock in a cap table

Professional capitalization table template. Full blown tracking and analysis tool

Ultimate startup cap table example and return analysis template (UPDATED!)

Cap table course:

CAP TABLE #1: What is a cap table and other important questions

CAP TABLE #2: Cap table dilution formula step by step example

CAP TABLE #3: Cap table dilution math

CAP TABLE #4: Starting the cap table – Format sheet

CAP TABLE #5: Shareholders sheet in the cap table

CAP TABLE #6: Deal calculations in the cap table

CAP TABLE #7: The cap table sheet

CAP TABLE #8: The assumptions sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #9: Individual shareholder returns sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #10: Returns waterfall calculation sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #11: The ESOP sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #12: The Common sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #13: Accounting for convertible debt and warrants sheet

CAP TABLE #14: The preference shares sheets – From Series A to I


Guide to understanding valuation multiples in pricing startups

Free startup dilution calculator. How does dilution for founders work with ESOP and investment

How do you value your social media startup with investors?

Deal structures

Seed round convertible, priced and SAFEs. What venture capital terms are standard?

Differences between SAFE and convertible notes

Free convertible note calculator. Conversion math at Series-A. Know how it really works!

SAFE Calculator for the Y-Combinator Post Money SAFE

Post Money SAFE Cap and Discount Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Cap Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Discount Only Version Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE MFN Only Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Pro Rata Side Letter Explained Line by Line

Key convertible note terms that no one understands and cost you big

Seed round convertible, priced and SAFEs. What venture capital terms are standard?

Why do Venture Capitalists want preference shares?

What’s your startup valuation is the wrong question (Here’s how it really works)


Employee Stock Option Plan –  ESOP training course. 16+ things you didn’t know?

eShares 101 –  How this startup manages employee onboarding

How to size startup ownership structure for employees?

ESOP Template and Step by Step Guide to Retain and Attract Top Staff

ESOP Terms Cheat sheet

How does European startup employee ownership share plan compare to the US

Quarterly vesting schedule for staff incentive ESOP plans


Andreessen Horowitz Startup Bootcamp: Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

Disagree and commit to ship things faster

Startups and scale ups: Running 10 and 100 person scale up business

Manage your startup

What is the difference between a founder and the board of directors?

Board presentation deck template for seed stage startups

Board deck template for seed stage startups from nextview vc

Board report template by IA Ventures

Startup Boards Course with Brad Feld, Venture Capital Managing Director of Foundry Group

Free OKR example template with PPP and KPI for startups in Google Sheets

Pro OKR template with KPI and PPP team tracker tool in Google Sheets for startups

How Google sets goals: OKRs

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – “The Golden Circle”

10 lessons from superheroes on being a startup hero

First time startup CEO advice

What are 16 things you need to avoid in order to be a successful entrepreneur?

Email can suck less. Use this banker system so startup emails work for your team

The Double Opt-In Email Introduction

Super hack for annoying LinkedIn connection requests

Should I talk to my company competition and their investors?

Sleep more if you suffer from pretending to work

One trick I learned to fire your staff without getting sued, tears and shouting

The best startup offer letter for employment you have ever seen

CEOs impact the productivity of the office with their attitude

Too busy and busy defined


If you do this one thing your startup business model is doomed to succeed!

How did Groupon make money? What was so smart?

Barkbox: Barking mad? Why some business models applied to other verticals can work

The birchbox business model isn’t great, so why is it now being cloned in Indonesia?

Shrinking a market and owning it

Startup barriers to entry and Economic Moats For Early Stage Startups and Investors

Parable of defensible software network by Fred Wilson


Why we invested. Venture capital firms share why they backed startups

How VCs can reject founders and have them still like you

Why founders hate VC rejection emails

How venture capitalists can improve qualified inbound deal flow from startups

Venture Capital Pitch Deck What VCs raised with to get capital to invest in startups

Venture capital LP one pager for fundraising from Limited Partners

Venture capital Indication of Interest template to raise from Limited Partners

Investment Thesis Collection from Venture Capital Firms

Private Airbnb email on how a VC missed out on a unicorn

A reputation comes at a cost, and should

Founder Control and Value Creation in Startups don’t seem to be the same thing

Venture Capital Investment Memo Collection

The confidential YouTube Investment Memo by Sequoia you were never meant to see

Startup valuation methods don’t work. Here’s how to do it

Venture Capital Disrupts Itself: Breaking the Concentration Curse – Cambridge Associates

Ten Attributes of Great Fundamental Investors

Venture capital learnings 23 Things I’ve Learned as a VC

Being a helpful VC and achieving your goals

Startup investment memo template. How one VC looks at deals

Angel investing

Angel investing guide to startup investing

ANGEL ADVICE: Suggestions for Angel Investors by Brad Feld

The Top 8 Mistakes Jason Lemkin Made In His First 18 Months As a VC Partner

11 Angel investor learnings

How to be a startup angel investor presentation

Investment thesis

VC investment thesis Notation capital

VC investment thesis venture capital 500 startups

VC investment thesis: 1839 Venture Funds Live Oak Fund

VC investment thesis: 500 Startup Israel – Adam Benayoun

VC investment thesis: Alven

VC investment thesis: Bowery Capital

VC investment thesis: Cento Ventures

VC investment thesis: Deep Space Ventures

VC investment thesis: Earlybird

VC investment thesis: Escala VC

VC investment thesis: Foundry Group

VC investment thesis: Homebrew

VC investment thesis: Kima Ventures

VC investment thesis: Maven Ventures

VC investment thesis: NextView Fund III

VC investment thesis: OpenOcean Venture Capital

VC investment thesis:

VC investment thesis: Point Nine Capital

VC investment thesis: Savannah Fund – Mbwana Alliy – Africa

VC investment thesis: Underscore

VC investment Thesis: Union Square Ventures

VC Investment thesis: Daphni investing in platformisation


ARR Monthly Recurring Revenue explained for SaaS startups

Decipher key top line SaaS revenue terms like bookings, billings and revenue

David Skok’s Startup Killer CAC, LTV & Other Metrics that will make (or break) you

Exceptional Series A SaaS Benchmarks of Startups by Tomasz Tunguz

2018 SaaS survey results. Check out all these metrics

LTV/CAC: Credit Suisse approach to SaaS Customer Unit Economics

Monthly Recurring Revenue

MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue explained for SaaS startups

68 Learnings on the Things Not to Do in Your SaaS Startup


Super Guide to Building Startup Marketplace by VersionOne


200+ free graphic resources for you startup. Image banks, tools, icons

Complete startup guide to start a blog and begin content marketing

Create a custom YouTube subscription link to get more subscribers

How to make links for your podcasts open in iTunes directly (Without a website)

How to make your URL links pretty and easy to remember with Pretty Links!

Mega list of cloud SaaS tools to hack your startup, marketing and podcast efficiency

17 handy desktop automation tools to save your startup or podcast hours every day


Basic Overview of K Factor in Viral Growth Models for your Startup

Getting Network Effects in Your Startup: an a16z Podcast

How to model viral growth at your startup

Viral cycle time matters if you want to go viral. (Here’s why)

Get smarter

Ask dumb questions. It’s the smartest thing you can do

Hunter S. Thompson explains the meaning of life

Think better: Pareto principle or 80/20 rule for startups

Think better: Rule of three

The (fairly) definitive reading list. How to get smarter about tech startup.


Excel number format cheat sheet

Google sheets automation: How to Automate Email Updates (Google Scripts)

How to rebase a chart

Excel financial model formatting guide


How to remove unused PowerPoint master slides with a macro


The direct to consumer landscape. You need to see this picture. Wow.

Financials revealed: British startup darlings by numbers

7 Things Thomas Korte (AngelPad) Learned At Google And Every Startup Should Copy

8 Myths about Startups and Venture Capital in Asia

99 problems and the CEO is one. Springowl hunts for Marissa’s head at Yahoo!

The secret silicon valley history

Leaked Salesforce corporate development board deck

Top 5 tips to hustle startup conferences. Hacking TechCrunch Disrupt

Startup learnings from Mitchell Harper, co-founder of Bigcommerce

South East Asia and India 2015 predictions in the startup landscape

e-conomy: Unlocking the $200 billion digital opportunity in Southeast Asia

The Venture Capital Opportunity in South East Asia

Is ASEAN at an inflection point for eCommerce? UBS ecommerce analysis broker note

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