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Andreessen Horowitz Startup Bootcamp: Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

TL;DR: A slide deck on a startup bootcamp run by a16z

Four partners at Andreessen Horowitz put together a fab deck for a startup bootcamp they ran in 2015. In it they discuss go to market processes, best practice and templates for a variety of pitch deckmust-know topics for building out your startup. It’s a great read and reference tool for sales, marketing, and customer success.

If you are a new founder, why learn everything yourself? In the presentation provide you with Go-To-Market processes, best practices and templates required to::

  • Validate the right model for your business
  • Optimize your sales and marketing efforts
  • Hire the right executives
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Insulate yourself from competition
  • Provide situational awareness and direction to scale efficiently Boot Camp Objectives

There is a lot of fantastic flow charts which structure how you should be thinking about all manners of initiatives you will undertake, including how to really nail your positioning.

Andreessen Horowitz Startup Bootcamp: Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

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