App pitch deck collection

App pitch deck collection

Do you need to write an app pitch deck for your startup fundraise? Wondering what the decks look like? Here are all the app decks available online you should be taking notes from.

If you want to check out the full pitch deck collection of 136 pitch decks, head over here.

There are 11 decks publicly available. Definition of “app” is a little hard sometimes, so check the SaaS collection here.

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You can sort all the decks here by stage. Alternatively, scroll down and there is a quick intro to each startup (Click to link through to the deck page). Click on the big image and it will take you to their pitch deck).


This is the barcoo pitch deck used to raise undisclosed seed capital investment from investors, including Christophe Maire (Implying this may have been one of his early venture builds) in 2008.

The deck says they were looking to raise €230 so it is safe to say they raised ball park a few hundred K.


This is the Cadee pitch deck to raise seed funds. The round on October 26, 2011 was undisclosed, which typically means it was small ;). I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just the 500 Startups accelerator money.

Cadee lets you build your own golf profile. Share your golf activity, stats and favourite courses with other Cadee users.

cadee pitch deck


Here’s the Cubeit pitch deck used to raise a seed round of $3m. They were acquired by Myntra in an aquihire. Cubeit was founded by four IIT Gandhinagar alumni. Cubeit was backed by early investors IIT Gandhinagar, Asha Jadeja (a Silicon Valley investor) and also by India’s top Venture Capital Funds, Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners.

Cubeit is an app that lets users save, organize and share content from different apps, in one place.

cubeit pitch deck


Everyone has heard of Foursquare, founded in 2009. Here’s the Foursquare pitch deck they used to get started.

They raised a $1.35m seed. The company has since gone through many iterations to find themselves and are still looking.

foursquare pitch deck


This is the Limetree pitch deck used to raise their $40k angel round in Portugal.


This is the Soundwave pitch deck used to raise $1m seed round of funding. They were acquired by Spotify.

This is the pitch deck to raise their seed stage fundraise. is an easy-to-use online to-do list and task manager powered with natural language processing and semantic analysis.

taskly pitch deck


Here’s the Tinder pitch deck used in the IAC Hatch Labs Incubator in 2012. It’s a bit murky as to their funding and ownership structure. My guess is they are funded and owned majority by IAC. Therefore why they have a pitch deck is a good question too.

tinder pitch deck


This is the Waygo pitch deck from a translation app based out of Hong Kong, that Raised a Seed round. They were founded in 2011.

They raised an undisclosed round from Golden Gate Ventures in October 2015. They went through 500 Startups.

I remember seeing them pitch at an e27 event. I presume Google translate has killed them ;( It was cool at the time they were around.

waygo pitch deck


This is the Wegreek pitch deck used to raise an undisclosed amount (which typically means it was tiny) from Ark Challenge. They were founded in 2013.

WeGreek is a mobile application that is an essential tool for both the leaders of Greek organizations and the members.


This is the 6Wunderkinder (The parent of Wunderlist) pitch deck used to raise $19m series-B. They used these eleven slides, in 2013 to attract Sequoia and Atomico.

Founded in 2010 and they were bought in 2015 for between $100 to 200 million by Microsoft.

6Wunderkinder pitch deck

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