healthtech pitch deck collection

Healthtech pitch deck collection for fundraising

Do you need to write a healthcare pitch deck for your startup fundraise? Wondering what the decks look like? Here are all the healthcare decks available online you should be taking notes from.

If you want to check out the full pitch deck collection of 136 pitch decks, head over here.

There are only 5 healthcare pitch decks available on the internet so far. 5 are you kidding me? Well, do you plan on sharing your pitch deck? Very few founders do. Even when startups shut down, or exit, founders still don’t share. I know, because I’ve asked!

Filter decks by stage

You can sort all the decks here by stage. Alternatively, scroll down and there is a quick intro to each startup (Click to link through to the deck page). Click on the big image and it will take you to their pitch deck).

Fittr pitch deck

Fittr creates customized workout plans based on fitness goal, equipment available, time available, and exercise style preferences. Fittr guides users through their unique workout programs with voice coaching that gives detailed descriptions of how to perform each exercise and how many reps and sets to do as well as how long of a break in between everything.

They raised an undisclosed amount (which typically means the round was for peanuts) from Tampa Bay WaVE.

Their decks are frankly rubbish. They are mainly walls of text on the slides, which no investor wants to read. They are also far too short to make their deck feel credible, which largely means that you have done your homework and shown it. Technical decks, whilst a little painful to read, show you really know your stuff. In the healthcare space, you want to show you know your stuff, but stop before writing an academic paper! Don’t do that in the first deck.

fittr pitch deck

Healthjoy pitch deck

This is the Healthjoy pitch deck to raise their $12.5m series-b in 2019. HealthJoy is an all-in-one healthcare guidance platform that helps employees make better decisions.

The deck is fairly ugly, cluttered and confused.  But they raised money, so eh.

pitch deck healthjoy

Sempre Health

This is the Sempre Health pitch deck to raise their $8m series-a round in 2019. Bringing behavior-based, dynamic pricing to healthcare. This allows patients to afford care for longer, which directly improves clinical outcomes / quality measures while reducing utilization / cost.

The deck is structured a lot better than most decks.

pitch deck sempre health


Who doesn’t like a good scam? Here’s the deck from the psycho founder of Theranos.

This is the Theranos pitch deck used to raise $28.5m series-C, what it referred to as a “pre-IPO transaction.” Two years later would be valued by investors at $9 billion.

Interestingly they already refer to their product accuracy as comparable to “gold standards.”

The deck is highly technical. What one might typically expect from a biotech company. This more interesting from an intriguing perspective, rather than for learning on how to write decks.

Theranos pitch deck


This is the pitch deck Yomp (Previously called PleaseCycle) used to raise their $315k seed capital from investors. They were acquired by Reward Gateway on March 8, 2016. Yomp is B2B Employee-engagement platform to improve Health and Wellbeing.

yomp pitch deck

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