• Overview of Digital Marketing and Some Lessons Learned
  • How to get creative with marketing when paid channels are too expensive or customers aren’t looking for you?
  • Smile staff motivation startup
    This one weird Disney trick for CEOs tripled productivity (Smile)
  • "How To Build On Other Platforms" by Josh Elman at Greylock Partners
  • Parody VC discussion on 'growing markets'
  • board deck template seed stage
    Board deck template for seed stage startups from nextview vc
  • Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action - "The Golden Circle"
  • techcrunch startup conference hustle business
    Top 5 tips to hustle startup conferences - Hacking TechCrunch Disrupt
  • startup eshares onboarding staff employees
    eShares 101 - How this startup manages employee onboarding
  • From $0 to $21M ARR: Our 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes - Zenefits

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