• your problem is not my solution
    Your solution is not my business problem
  • Barkbox business model
    Barkbox: Barking mad? Why some business models applied to other verticals can work
  • tech reading list
    The (fairly) definitive reading list. How to get smarter about tech startup.
  • Real reasons to launch startup faster not talked about
    The real reason launch a startup faster (not talked about) 
  • Investible Founding Teams that raise venture capital
    Investible Founding Startup Teams
  • Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed
  • How to start a startup
    How to Start a Startup - Uber training from founder celebrities
  • customer development survey startup business
    Example: Customer development survey for your next startup idea
  • techcrunch startup conference hustle business
    Top 5 tips to hustle startup conferences - Hacking TechCrunch Disrupt
  • first million users wanelo
    Wanelo's First One Million Users Presentation

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