Accelerator and demo days

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Accelerator and demo days

Accelerators are support structures for startups. They give you some money, free office, and varying levels of help in exchange for 4-10% of your equity.

Some are good, some are total BS. The most famous one is Y-Combinator.

Blogs to read

I’ve split this into three sections which makes sense. I haven’t blogged much on this topic. If you ping me in the comments to write more I’ll get some up quickly.

There are some pretty good blogs here to get going with though.


The chat about accelerators isn’t as much as it was in the mid-2010s but they are still a consideration for early-stage founders and might be of a lot of value to some. I’ve mainly written about Y-Com because of their fame.

Demo days

At the end of the accelerator, there is a “demo day”. This is your opportunity to pitch investors and raise money which is the core goal for most startups joining an accelerator.

Startup competitions

There are all sorts of competitions that go on for startups. You basically get up on stage and chat for 5-10 minutes with a PowerPoint behind you.

What do you get out of these?

  1. Cash prizes. Large ones like TechCrunch disrupt can be tasty, others might be a thousand which is still nice cash
  2. Social proof for your deck. You get to write “we won x competition”. It means feck all, but it’s better than nothing!
  3. Networking. There “might” be investors or connected people there. I don’t go to these anymore, but you never know. I have met cool people at these (but I was normally a judge)

If you’re an early-stage startup, I recommend doing these. If you’re later stage and making money these are a huge waste of time.


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