Board meetings for startups

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Board meetings

Whenever your raise a large seed round of a series-a round, you are going to get at least one random stranger on your board of directors (the board). These people are important:

  1. They can piss you off
  2. They can make you do things
  3. They can influence decisions
  4. They can even gang up and fire your ass if you’re not careful…

Depending on your size stage and importance, you will have a board meeting either monthly or quarterly (typically).

Now here is the fun bit. You’re going to ‘report’ to these mofos and they expect you to do all the fricking work. You’re going to do the admin of scheduling and you’re doing to write the agenda and wait for it… a fricking presentation! Yeah, a whole presentation for every single one! No joke.

Yeah, no, fundraising isn’t cool, it’s a pain in the ass.

So I’m going to teach you about board formation, how to do board decks and how to manage meetings better. Or I will when I have written all the blogs, lol.

Blogs to read

I’ve split this into 4 categories. I think I have 8 more blogs to add. I’m not going to go overboard.

Basics of boards

What is the difference between a founder and the board of directors? – Simple Q&A

Startup Boards Course with Brad Feld, Venture Capital Managing Director of Foundry Group – Some quick tips. 1 minute read

How to make a board

Nothing yet

How to do board decks

Board deck template for seed stage startups from nextview vc – Here is a template to check out to see how one VC things your board deck should look like for learnings

Board presentation deck template for seed stage startups – Here is my pretty awesome template. I made this for a really early-stage startup that was being naughty. So your mileage may vary

Board report template by IA Ventures – Here is another template to learn from

How to manage board meetings




Nothing yet