Cap tables

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Cap tables

The cap table (capitalization table) sets out who owns what in your startup. It all adds up to 100%.

You can track this in:

  1. Excel. Best for earlier stage startups
  2. SaaS. Best for later stage strartups with a tonne of staff and things happening that are hard to track (Can be very expensive)

This is a really boring, complicated thing but it is important. Trust me, lawyers don’t even really understand all the details!

I’m going to get into a fair level of detail with you. I’m going to stop before it doesn’t add value. Even I only want to know so much.

As a founder you HAVE to understand progressively more the later stage your startup is, but there is a wall where you stop and just pay lawyers. Up to around series-B you need to develop a foundation of learning to be taken seriously.

I know it sucks, but you have to know a bit about this. Remember the “social network”? Well messing with the cap table is how Zuck got out Eduardo… so be Zuck not Eduardo right?

Blogs to read

Feck, I thought I wrote a lot more, but anyway. What I’ve done is fecking good. I’ll expand this stuff more by mainly more complex topics (which are a ball ache for me to write).


I’ll likely write a lot of Q&A style blogs since they answer your questions on a topic like this. If you’re a lawyer, get involved!

AA 005: Should I include a cap table and valuation proposal in my Series A presentation?



I made a course for the free cap table which has a lot of info.

CAP TABLE #1: What is a cap table and other important questions

CAP TABLE #2: Cap table dilution formula step by step example

CAP TABLE #3: Cap table dilution math

CAP TABLE #4: Starting the cap table – Format sheet

CAP TABLE #5: Shareholders sheet in the cap table

CAP TABLE #6: Deal calculations in the cap table

CAP TABLE #7: The cap table sheet

CAP TABLE #8: The assumptions sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #9: Individual shareholder returns sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #10: Returns waterfall calculation sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #11: The ESOP sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #12: The Common sheet of the cap table

CAP TABLE #13: Accounting for convertible debt and warrants sheet

CAP TABLE #14: The preference shares sheets – From Series A to I


Free template

Ultimate startup cap table example and return analysis template (UPDATED!) – Pretty large cap table for you to use for free

Paid template

Professional capitalization table template. Full blown tracking and analysis tool – The best cap table in excel you can buy (guaranteed)

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