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Term content

Learn technical details of the mechanisms for doing deals.

There are two main deal structures: priced rounds and convertible notes.

The two main types of convertibles are Convertible Notes and SAFEs.

Term sheets

Buffer Series-A term sheet and term review


Seed round convertible, priced and SAFEs. What venture capital terms are standard?

Differences between SAFE and convertible notes

Convertible notes

What convertible notes are for and what they are not

Free convertible note calculator. Conversion math at Series-A. Know how it really works!

Key convertible note terms that no one understands and cost you big

How to read fully diluted shares and total outstanding stock in a cap table

AA 010: Convertible note explained. Can you lose the whole company?


AA 013: (High resolution financing) Different valuation caps for each investor?

AA 015: How common is it that series A investors have better liquidation preference terms than investors in a later round?

Why do Venture Capitalists want preference shares?


SAFE Calculator for the Y-Combinator Post Money SAFE

Post Money SAFE Cap Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Cap and Discount Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Discount Only Version Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE MFN Only Explained Line by Line

Post Money SAFE Pro Rata Side Letter Explained Line by Line

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