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Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP)

If you are the founders of a startup you get common shares (there is no such thing as ‘founder shares’).

When you are an employee 1-10,000 you get options. Options mean that staff when terms trigger have the option to convert the options into real shares where they can potentially make cash bitchez.

In the USA there are three main types of options (RSU, ISO, and NSO). That’s nerdy stuff that you will have to learn…  and trust me staff DO NOT understand them. This is a big issue.

ESOP matters as it is how your staff are going to make big money if you startup is a success. You would think that is a big deal!

Blogs to read

Shockingly I made the only ESOP course and only ESOP model in the world… and I don’t have many free blogs. I guess the content is in the course and I had PTSD writing my first course. I can ‘easily’ write more about this topic. I didn’t because (I find it so weird) that founders don’t seem to care about ESOP.

My blogs are totally random… so I’m going to write some more and then start categorising them all.

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