Financial models

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Financial models

If you want to raise money, short version for material, you need a pitch deck and a financial model; both are hard for very different reasons. Think art and science.

What’s important is that spending time on both these activities (if focused) is hugely valuable:

  1. Make answering Q&A with investors far less stressful
  2. Build conviction that your business is viable (so important for early stage founders)
  3. Help you pitch new staff, media, partnerships, you name it

Financial models can be scary for a lot of people because there is just so much to learn and (for most) so much you don’t know you don’t know.

I taught myself everything and I’m a quasi expert on around 6 industry verticals now and I can tell you:

  1. There is a lot to learn
  2. Some verticals are harder than others
  3. You can start basic and build up knowledge as and when you need to
  4. You can learn everything to a quasi-expert level if you keep learning
  5. Being a full-on expert is 1000x more work which is why I always stop at 90% knowledge

To be clear, I sell financial models. The reason that I made them is that they require an immense amount of specialty skill sets. For most, it’s not worth building your own unless you came out of M&A or consulting. I generally recommend using a template if it is close enough.

Most people will look at templates and not even understand metric acronyms. How can you build a good model if you don’t even understand what you should care about? You can’t.

I love this topic, so I’ll progressively build out more content not that I see what I have written so far. Just be aware that if this is a topic you want to be competent at you have to be dedicated. It is lots of fun (once you get into it) but it is fecking intimidating at the start.

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