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40 pitch red flags which will undermine your startup fundraise

A meaningful startup exit strategy is not the same thing for venture capital

AA 003: How can I prepare for a meeting with a potential pre-seed investor?

AA 008: What’s the best time in a startup’s life to approach an investor?

AA 011: How to pitch two ideas to a VC?

AA 018: What is your opinion on intellectual property for VC valuation?

AA 019: Will investors sign my NDA?

AA 020: How important is the team in getting funded?

AA 021: How do I get introductions to investors?

Any specific advice for female founders with regards to fund raising?

Bill Reichert: Top 10 Lies VCs Tell Entrepreneurs

Collection of the best tech startup pitch video

Critical feedback when you are crapping your pants

Don’t lie to investors about who is investing

Don’t use caps when reaching out to investors

Due diligence checklist request list for startup fundraising from investors

e27 TOP100 Academy AMA on startup fundraising

Exit strategy for investors questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Founder confidence. How you answer investors’ questions matter

AA 030: Importance of founder confidence when pitching

Free startup dilution calculator. How does dilution for founders work with ESOP and investment

Fundable startups are fundable

Fundraising deal questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Fundraising financial questions: Questions to ask an entrepreneur. What VCs will ask

Fundraising process manager tool

Fundraising sales questions: What venture capital startup interview questions will be asked

Fundraising strategy. Ask for what you need and try get what you want to raise

Guide to understanding valuation multiples in pricing startups

How big can this get? Market sizing has killed many startup fundraises

How do solo founders deal with their startup while pitching for funds?

How founders should dress when pitching a VC your startup

AA 028: How founders should dress when pitching a VC your startup

How much do you want to sell your startup for?

How to do a demo in a venture capital pitch

How to get funded by venture capital and angel investors

How to pitch in a venture capital meeting

HQQA001 How much are you raising?

HQQA002 What will be your use of capital? How will you spend it?

HQQA003 Why do you want to fundraise [$10m]?

HQQA004 What are your milestones for the next round?

HQQA005 Why are you raising now?

HQQA006 What is your startup runway?

HQQA007 What will your runway be for this round?

HQQA008 When do you want to raise next?

HQQA009 How much more money do you plan on raising?

HQQA010 How much do you want to raise at your next round?

HQQA011 Who is your ideal investor?

HQQA012 Are you raising at the moment?

HQQA013 Who else are you talking to?

HQQA014 When are you looking to close?

HQQA015 Why do you want to raise from us, specifically?

HQQA017 There may be a conflict with one of our portfolio companies, are you happy to talk to us?

HQQA018 What are your deal expectations?

HQQA019 What is your valuation at the last round?

HQQA020 What are your valuation expectations?

HQQA021 What are the terms of the deal?

HQQA022 Do you have a lead?

HQQA023 How much do you have committed so far?

HQQA024 How long have you been raising?

HQQA025 Have you thought about raising venture debt?

HQQA029 Why isn’t your existing lead leading this round?

HQQA031 Do you have any government grants?

HQQA032 Did you think about crowdfunding?

HQQA034 How to get venture capital funding if you knew you wouldn’t raise more funding?

HQQA035 If you knew with 100% certainty that you were to raise significantly more funding, what would you do?

HQQA037 How will your burn rate increase after the round?

HQQA038 What KPI are you focused on?

HQQA039 If you could pick only one non-financial metric to measure the success of the business, what would it be?

HQQA040 Walk us through the fully burdened unit economics of your product or service

HQQA041 When will you be profitable?

HQQA042 Are you focused on growth or profitability?

HQQA043 How can you reduce your break-even rate point up 6 months in your plan?

HQQA044 How large is your ESOP pool?

HQQA046 What ESOP is left?

HQQA047 Do you have a model?

HQQA048 What are the key assumptions in your model?

HQQA049 What are the key drivers of growth?

HQQA050 What do you do if your top line expectations do not match expectations?

HQQA051 How many customers do you need to break even?

HQQA052 How do you make money?

HQQA053 What’s your business model?

HQQA054 How quickly are revenues growing? What is fueling that? What are the bottlenecks?

HQQA055 What’s your price point, and what’s your pricing methodology, and why did you settle on both of these?

HQQA26 Who are your investors?

HQQA27 Are your existing investors investing in this round?

HQQA28 What are your investors pro-rata rights?

HQQA30 Do you have convertible notes? What are the terms?

HQQA33 Have you thought about going to an accelerator?

HQQA36 What is your burn rate?

Investible Founding Startup Teams

Investor pitch meanings. If they say this in your meeting you know if it went well or not

Investors will end your pitch if you suck, but that’s a good thing

Non disclosure agreements (NDA) for startup fundraising don’t matter, so don’t sign nda

Raising without a presentation deck to pitch

Real VC feedback on a founder’s startup

Should you use a professional fundraising advisor to raise your startup round?

Sole founders are bad. You can’t build a billion dollar despicable me startup

Sources and uses of funds runway calculator. How much to raise?

Startup valuation methods don’t work. Here’s how to do it

The fundraising documents you need to pitch venture capitalists

The real reason founders are not funded VCs don’t say in a pitch process

The two key business model tests to know if you are fundable

This is how to get a venture capital introduction for your startup fundraise

VC Fundraising 101 for Startup Businesses from Wellington Partners

Watch rapper Chamillionaire do a pitch for his startup Convoz

What is the best time of year to fundraise for your startup

What’s your startup valuation is the wrong question (Here’s how it really works)

Who are your startup competitors?

AA 026: Who are your startup competitors?

AA 023: How can I get competitor information?

AA 022: Should I talk to my startup competitors?

Why founders hate VC rejection emails

Why I want a pitch deck before a pitch in a fundraising process

Will investors fund my startup idea?

Writing a Cold Email Template for Venture Capital Investors

7 Things Reid Hoffman Wish He Knew Before Pitching LinkedIn to VCs

25 startups that raised without a product

Learn the Secrets of Dealing with VCs with Venture Deals Co-Author Jason Mendelson

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