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Being an investor sounds super sexy. It’s really hard to make money.

What isn’t talked about is that investors don’t have a clue what they’re doing, but they can’t talk about it. The whole thing is about keeping up appearances.

Blogs to read

Here are a bunch of blogs to help you not repeat the mistakes of others.

Angel investing

11 Angel investor learnings

7 Things Thomas Korte (AngelPad) Learned At Google And Every Startup Should Copy

ANGEL ADVICE: Suggestions for Angel Investors – by Brad Feld

Angel investing guide to startup investing

How to be a startup angel investor presentation

VC investing

Venture Capital Pitch Deck What VCs raised with to get capital to invest in startups

A reputation comes at a cost, and should

Ten Attributes of Great Fundamental Investors

The Top 8 Mistakes Jason Lemkin Made In His First 18 Months As a VC Partner

Venture capital learnings: 23 Things I’ve Learned as a VC

Venture capital LP one pager for fundraising from Limited Partners

Why we invested. Venture capital firms share why they backed startups

Why founders hate VC rejection emails

Investment thesis

Investment Thesis Collection from Venture Capital Firms

Investment memo

Startup investment memo template. How one VC looks at deals

Venture Capital Investment Memo Collection

VC pitch deck

Day One Ventures Pitch Deck to Raise a $20m Series A

Value add

Being a helpful VC and achieving your goals

AA 007: In what ways can Angel and Seed Investors have an impact in their portfolio companies and add value other than writing cheques?

HQQA016 What value, besides capital, would you hope to see our firm provide your startup?


Private Airbnb email on how a VC missed out on a unicorn

How VCs can reject founders and have them still like you

How venture capitalists can improve qualified inbound deal flow from startups


e-conomy: Unlocking the $200 billion digital opportunity in Southeast Asia

Founder Control and Value Creation in Startups don’t seem to be the same thing

Is ASEAN at an inflection point for eCommerce? UBS ecommerce analysis broker note

Venture Capital Disrupts Itself: Breaking the Concentration Curse – Cambridge Associates

The Venture Capital Opportunity in South East Asia

Raising funds from LPs

Venture capital Indication of Interest template to raise from Limited Partners

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