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Strategy content

Learn about startup strategy. This is core to ensuring that you are focusing on the right things so you aren’t just working hard (you’re working smart).

Business models

The birchbox business model isn’t great, so why is it now being cloned in Indonesia?

Barkbox: Barking mad? Why some business models applied to other verticals can work

How did Groupon make money? What was so smart?


Passion is over-rated. Build a better mousetrap instead

AA 027: The two key business model tests to know if you are fundable

Shrinking a market and owning it

The real reason launch a startup faster (not talked about)

Parable of defensible software network by Fred Wilson

Startup barriers to entry – Economic Moats For Early Stage Startups and Investors

If you do this one thing your startup business model is doomed to succeed!


The direct to consumer landscape. You need to see this picture. Wow.


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