How to make links for your podcasts open in iTunes directly (Without a website)

Can you create a link to send your users to iTunes directly?

If you’ve started a podcast, you’re probably on the lookout to pick up some useful tips along the way to help support your potential new listeners?

I know I am, as I’ve just started the Ask Alex podcast. There’s a lot to learn so I’m sharing the cool things I pick up on the way.

So you know there are a massive amount of people that use iTunes to listen to podcasts, right? Well, do you think your conversion rate is high if you say “You can find me on iTunes. Search for me!”? Probably not.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could share a link with people and have that link pop up directly in iTunes, instead of them ‘hoping’ to find you?pitch deck

Well, you can! I’ll show you how to do this in just 2 steps.

How to open a link to iTunes directly

Step 1.

Get your iTunes URL. And put it in a text document.

You should have it on hand. Maybe you inserted it into PowerPress? Not sure. No worries…

Open up iTunes and find yourself. Right click on your image art on your podcast and press ‘copy URL.’ Easy. Now paste into a text document (Notepad, Word etc)

Step 2.

You simply delete “https:” and replace it with “itms“. That’s it. You are done!

To explain this more, look here:

Here is what the Ask Alex podcast link looks like.

And here is what it looks like to open a podcast directly in iTunes.


Want to test it? PRESS HERE.

That should open directly to my podcast.

To create a link, you just write some text, select it and then insert link with your itps link.

Here is a screenshot of me using this technique emailing my subscribers with my podcast so they can head to iTunes directly.

open itunes link directly podcast


Hope you enjoyed that little tip!

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