Nextview seed stage pitch deck

NextView pitch deck template for startups

Here is the NextView startup pitch deck template. NextView Ventures in the US wrote their example of a seed stage pitch deck.

There is a decent amount of information in here as well as the thoughts from two of the partners at the fund. Included in their template is about 17 slides with tips. This is one of the few templates on the internet and the partners make some effort to explain their thinking on each slide.

They explain that there are two types of pitch:

The first is a conversation.

Usually, when raising a seed round, your pitch process with a VC firm starts with a small number of meetings with just one or two team members — or else you’re pitching angel investors individually. In those contexts, it’s a lot less likely that you’ll want to stand up and “pitch” a deck. Usually, a more human interaction works better. You introduce yourself, you talk about why you started your company, and you start digging into the details in a conversational way.pitch deck

This is the way my partners and I tend to operate in our initial meetings, too, whether we’re being pitched or raising money ourselves. In the end, I think discussion-based meetings are simply the way people want to interact with others they’re speaking with for the first time. It just feels more human and natural, in addition to helping both sides learn a great deal about the other.

The second type of pitch is more of a show.

Maybe you are presenting in front of a crowd in a demo-day scenario, or perhaps it’s to a larger group like the full partnership of a big firm. In these cases, the interaction is very, very different. It tends to be more one-way — more of a presentation than a discussion.

In these pitches, you have to carefully choose the details into which you dive more deeply, since you don’t want anything to go over people’s heads, nor do you want to confuse an audience that lacks the ability to have a back-and-forth discussion to find clarity.

Instead, what you actually want to do is drive home the story and the excitement of the opportunity, as well as the inevitability of your success. Emotion is a bit more crucial here, since this may be the first or only major interaction you have with these people during your fundraise.

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If you want to download the NextView startup pitch deck template get it here.

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