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Pitch deck content


Blogs to read


Pitch deck analysis from 200 startups’ pitchdecks that raised $360m


The pitch deck fuck you list

Pitch deck flick test. The test to know if venture capitalists will respond


Should you include risk factors in an early-stage pitch deck? Free template

What’s a good file size for sending a pitch deck around?

35 ways on how to make a pitch deck from what not to do

AA 029: 35 things not what not to do in your pitch deck

AA 025: Should you watermark your pitch deck when sending your presentation to investors?

Presentations: The consequence of not knowing or not having interest in a topic

The key 16 pitch deck rules you need to know when pitching investors

Raising without a presentation deck to pitch


One simple trick to make writing your startup description suddenly easy

Polar Bear Hunting to understand your target audience


A storytelling pitch exercise improv artists use which can help you raise

22 Tips on Pixar Storytelling Applied to Startups

VC recommendations

Canaan Pitchdeck Workbook

Guy Kawasaki 10/20/30 rule for founder’s startup business pitch deck

NextView pitch deck template for startups

Peter Theil pitch deck of Founders Fund. What he thinks is good

Reid Hoffman’s private pitch deck guide

Sequoia capital business plan template

Top VC Shares Guide to Pitch Deck Outline for Startups Fundraising


Why do they call a slide deck a “slide deck”? Where did it originate from?

What does send me the deck mean?

AA 014: Where can I get pitch deck feedback for my startup?

What is a pitch deck, and how do you explain it to someone?

Has anyone tried making an interactive startup pitch deck?

Is it a good idea to use gimmicks in a business pitch? Why or why not?

Pitch deck collections

All of the pitch decks

Adtech pitch deck collection

App pitch deck collection

SaaS pitch deck collection

Biotech pitch deck collection

Cannabis pitch deck collection

Ecommerce pitch deck collection

Ecommerce pitch decks

Fintech pitch deck collection

Foodtech pitch deck collection

Hardware pitch deck collection

Healthtech pitch deck collection for fundraising

Marketplace pitch deck collection

Media pitch deck collection

Media pitch decks

PropTech pitch deck collection

Best SaaS pitch deck collection

Social media pitch deck collection

Tech pitch deck collection

Technical pitch decks


Pitch Deck Template Seed Stage Venture Capital Investor


PITCH THINKING #1: What pitch material do you need?

PITCH THINKING #10: Formatting your deck

PITCH THINKING #11: 25 pitch deck tips

PITCH THINKING #2: What is a good pitch deck?

PITCH THINKING #3: The importance of narrative in your pitch deck

PITCH THINKING #4: Key questions investors need answered from your deck

PITCH THINKING #5: How to approach writing decks

PITCH THINKING #6: The ‘flick test’

PITCH THINKING #7: Who do I send my deck to? Can I have an NDA, please?

PITCH THINKING #8: How do you know if your deck is good?

PITCH THINKING #9: How to send your deck to investors


Your solution is not my business problem

How big can this get? Market sizing has killed many startup fundraises


What would a pitch deck by Walt Disney look like? Find out

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