Sheets in the Enterprise SaaS financial model

enterprise saas model architecture
Navigation Flow chart showing how calculations and data flow through the model
Formatting Input your model start dates and basic formatting assumptions
Annual assumptions Input your existing annual recurring contracts
P&L Actual This is the P&L of your actual numbers. Put in your actuals and they get represented in your combined P&L
P&L Forecast Detailed forecast P&L of your startup. Output of all your assumptions
P&L Combined This combines the forecast and actual sheets together
D&A - Tax Calculate your depreciation (there is no amortisation) and your tax simply
MRR & Customer Summary A summary of your MRR and Customer calculations (The calculations in the monthly and annual sheets are long)
KPI A detailed summary of all your KPIs. I've tried to include everything I can think of and VCs blog about. Since no one actually explains calculations, I've made up the formulas.
P&L for Deck This combines the summary forecast and actual sheets together for the first 12 months and for 3 years annual to insert in your pitch deck
Source and Use Use this to figure out how much to raise and to present your 'sources and use' of money you raise in your 'ask' slide
Charts-General Summary of charts from across sheets other than SaaS metrics
Charts-SME SaaS Charts of SaaS metrics. All the ones David Skok (Matrix) recommends are in it
Staff Forecasts for all staff (Other than customer support related staff), and all the related staff and G&A costs
Sales Staff Forecasts your sales staff requirement automatically on the basis of your sales forecasts
Expense calculations Calculates your customer care related and technology costs, which aren't calculated directly in the Staff sheet
Support Staff Calculates for internal engineering, customer support & success staff automatically on the basis of customer forecasts
Expansion Revenue Calculate the expansion revenue using either by an additional seat, or new modules basis
Professional Services If you have professional services, calculate the cost and revenue. Can use if you want to have onboarding costs alternatively
Pricing Input your pricing assumptions for revenue. Pick from different business models
Conversion assumptions All the assumptions that drive your  SME revenue calculations
Calcs - Monthly Calculate the normal, monthly portion of your MRR/Bookings for SME revenue
Calcs - Annual Calculate the annual, up-front payment portion of your MRR/Bookings for SME revenue
Marketing Centralises the marketing data and applies conversion rates to create 'trial users' of your site (Which then buy). This is only for SME revenue. There is no link to enterprise revenue per se
Paid & organic Organic growth and paid traffic to the site. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
Email Calculates the sign ups to your email database. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
PR & Social Calculates the traffic that comes from promotion activities by getting PR and social media. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
Blogging Calculates the traffic that comes from writing your own blog. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
Channel Sales Calculates the leads from channel partners and supporting staff costs. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing' under leads and in the staff costs
ENT - Graphs Summary graphs on your enterprise revenues by categories
ENT - Rev Summary Summary and calculations of your revenue, bookings and billings, and clients/projects. Add actuals to aggregate totals
ENT - Rev assumptions The labels and assumptions that drive the enterprise logic
ENT - Forecast assumptions Input assumptions related to forecast enterprise projects
ENT - Rev forecast Forecast revenue calculations for enterprise customers
ENT - Staff - Tech Forecasts the technical staff requirement for delivering on your enterprise projects
Benchmarks Some publicly available SaaS metrics to use to benchmark your assumptions as an FYI