"Is there a way to engage you on an ongoing basis? I want access to you to ask questions when I need answers?"

This was a question a founder asked after a consulting call, and do you know what? It's not the first time I've been asked.

I've put off having to figure out how to make it work, but he kept following up. So I stopped thinking and just did it.

This is it. It's $1,500 per month.

Apply to the structure


I’ve been supporting founders for years, incentivised with equity, but it’s frankly a pain in the ass to set up. Investors get tricky, founders are naturally antsy about it and it’s a pain for me to manage.

So why not just make it really simple and affordable, whilst offering a tonne of value?

Call based mentoring support program that runs month to month.

Whatever your sector or stage you get support as and when you need it.

You get expert support, helping you navigate all the challenges as you start, raise and scale (Or even exit).

I help you figure out what to do and how to think better. Not tell you what to do.

Big value for an affordable price.

I know your budget, so I priced it so you can afford it. The discount is that I only work with founders I like, building startups I think are cool.

The structure

A call a week and daily access

The basic structure is incredibly simple. I'm your trusted advisor and confidant. You can tell me everything you can't tell investors and don't want to tell your team.

We talk every week and when you have pressing questions you just ping me on whatever instant channel we use.

If you want to flex time up as you're working on an important project, then we can do that and flex down the next month.

  • Weekly, hour-long call

    We chat every week for ~1 hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all balances out. I'm not a shrink so I won't cut you offer with an alarm bell

  • Unlimited messages

    Got something you need a quick answer on? Message me on FB, WA, Skype etc. For example: "Does $8m pre sound reasonable?"

  • Month to month commitment

    This is dating not marriage. It needs to be fun and it needs to be useful. The longer we work together, the more I 'get it.' No more wasting time explaining what you do to an advisor you have never talked to before.

What do we talk about?

Whatever is stressing or exciting you

You know what the opportunities are, but maybe not if they are worth chasing?

You know what keeps you up at night, but not how to solve them.

And the thing most people can't do, is tell you what you are missing and should be scared by or excited about because they listen to you and ask 'dumb' questions.

But more than that, once you trust me 

  • 99 problems...

    We can get really deep into something that's important like fundraising, or touch on everything you are dealing with day to day. That could be hiring, board updates, KPIs and whether to fire a co-founder.

  • Opportunities

    The biggest problem founders have is a lack of focus. There's so many things to do but you should be doing one. We can prioritise initiatives and talk about how to execute them (and ensure you are delegating).

  • Sounding board

    Once we know one another, it's not forced. You know what you want to update me with and discuss. I've worked with one founder for 4 years.

Let's do this

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