Twilio go to market strategy

Twilio presentations to learn from including go to market strategy

Learning how companies execute and how they present them is not something you get to see often. When you find quality material, they’re worth reading and picking up ideas how they are presented.

I’m finishing off a growth financial model so checked out some public tech companies to see which line items they focused on. Twilio popped into my head so I checked out their annual report. Whilst looking for the reports, I stumbled upon their presentations and was pleasantly surprised.

They had one entitled ‘Go to market strategy.’ Hm, interesting right?

Well, it’s not super duper detailed, but there are some learnings in it. And the presentation quality is really top notch.

I checked out some other ones such as their financials and general overviews and thought they would be worth sharing. It’s not super likely you spend time on the investor relations pages of companies, right .)

NOTE: It seems Twilio moves files around some times so my links break (Let me know!). You can find all their presentations here: Twilio presentations for investors

So here are the ones you might to have a look at:

Go to market strategy

This is presented by George Hu the COO.

They’re focused on developers (through evangelism and using them as entry points within customer accounts since they influence buying decisions) and expanding through enterprise, international and channel partners.

There are some interesting slide structures worth copying if you are in SaaS.

Read the presentation here


This is from Lee Kirkpatrick the CFO.

They distinct their kinds of revenue, asserting that usage is more stable and a predicatebl source of revenue.

They make effort to illustrate limited customer concentration. This is important in case clients leave (Uber leaving had share price implications of the downward direction).

Their gross churn is ~96%. When you look at the net, they have negative net churn (excluding the impact of Uber) of 137% which is pretty tasty.

Their cohorts, prima faces don’t seem to be as strong as 2009-2011 cohort.

Read the presentation here

Analyst overview

From Jeff Lawson, CEO.

In this Jeff set out the strategy and opportunity for Twilio.

They deal with the market size, and how aspects of the communication market is being disrupted and how they are approaching it. I like the phrase ‘Acquire developers as consumers, enable them to spend like enterprises.

Read the presentation here

Programmable communications cloud

Ott Kauver, VP and GM voice and Video.

This is a fairly technical overview of how Twilio is building their platform. They get into why customers use Twilio (the importance of uptime etc).

Read the presentation here

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