VC LEARNINGS: The Top 8 Mistakes I Made In My First 18 Months As a VC Partner

Want some VC learnings?

I love ‘lessons learned’ articles, because, let’s face it, it’s fun to not make rookie mistakes (even if you are a rookie).

Here are 8 lessons learned from VC Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures that also set up SaaStr, from his first 18 months as a VC.

I think these learnings are also useful for founders to understand the game too.

Read the detail here.

Now the bullets of his 8 learnings:

#1 — Not Immediately Investing in the Truly Great Ones

#2 — Not Investing the Maximum Amount

#3 — Looking for consensus

#4 — Meeting with anyone that hasn’t already picked me

#5 – Trying to Create Deals

#6 – Spending Time On Anything Outside My Sweet Spot

#7 – Trying to Actively Do Two-Handed Deals

#8 – Worrying At All About Price

What do you think? I disagree with #4.

Something interesting to read…

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