Pitch deck examples from VC funded startups

PITCh deck examples from VC FUNDED STARTUPS

world's largest pitch deck collection

because startup fundraising should be easier



As a venture capitalist, I hated replying to startups 'Come back to me when you have more traction' when what I meant was 'This pitch deck is terrible.' That was BS. But, I didn't have time to explain why everyone's pitch presentation sucked. So in 2015, I started blogging to provide scaleable help to founders that sent me a pitch deck. Sending rejections with helpful links made sense.

You weren't born knowing how to make a perfect pitch deck. You need to learn. Seeing pitch decks that have raised money from investors is hugely valuable. Having every startup pitch deck in the world in one place benefits everyone. Enjoy!


these pitch decks won't really help

you are doing it wrong

I know it seems cool you have found the best repository of template pitch deck examples ever... but you're going to look at these and think... "FML. How do I write my enterprise mobile app pitch deck now?"

Yeah. Your startup is 99% likely going to be different. What you need to do is learn how to 'think' about how you approach composing your pitch deck design.

The 'narrative' of your pitch deck is what matters. What makes your startup compelling. 

So I made a FREE 11 email course to make your pitch deck presentation WAY easier to write, and give you a snowball's chance. Don't think, just do it!


WANT professional HELP?

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Want to focus on delivering traction? You know... what investors actually want? 

Well, I realised what founders actually need is an attractive, fundable pitch deck. Done. 

Meet Perfect Pitch Deck. Transparent pricing. No surprises. No more ugly pitch decks.

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Comments 33

  1. It’s a good resource for founders but not all of the companies mentioned received “venture funding”. Some have obtained seed capital, others angel investments. There is a significant difference in raising money at those levels and it is important to make that distinction.

    1. Post

      Hey Joy – everyone assumes anyone receiving funding is defined as ‘venture funding.’ At angel the stats are around 1 in 40 (According to David Rose).
      It’s taken me years to get these all. The only other ones are basically demo day pitches from 500 startups demo day or business plans written by students.
      I’ve reached out to about 70 founders to get their decks but either:
      1/ Didn’t have a deck (e.g. Secret)
      2/ Won’t share for various reasons
      So this is all we get… If you can get me another 40 decks, I would be delighted to make distinctions! 😉

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  2. Post
    1. Post
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      Hey there- I am aware. My account was suspended as Magic Leap seems to be removing information about itself and the claims they made from the internet. I posted some presentation I found in the public domain years ago and they had their lawyers serve me with a removal notice this week. I’m now trying to get linkedin to have my account reactivated…ex that one!

    2. Post
  3. Hey Jarvis firstly thanks for this I’m working on a pitch deck currently and didn’t have a clue where to start invaluable resource. Would be great to get some tips on what NOT to add if you have any.

    1. Post

      Hi Charmaine-
      You’re welcome.
      Remember this is marketing material.
      You don’t have one shot to say everything you feel you need to. You just need to write enough to elicit interest. You can say everything you want so long as you get the attention of investors first.
      So you don’t need to include anything that isn’t compelling.
      I recommend getting a sheet of paper and writing the key points you want to make and telling a simple story (narrative). I’m talking bullet points.
      Then put those bullet points on each slide. Then add in some supporting text and pretty pictures.
      That way you can at least get your story across. Don’t just write problem, solution market size etc…
      Remember some poor bastard has to read 10 of these a day. So make it easy..

  4. I LIVE IN STARTUP LAND…and this is clearly among the richest, most valuable and helpful resource in all the land…for anyone thinking about raising early stage capital. Just a magnificent wealth fountain of information. And if you are serious about raising money and need help, rent out your mother or kids to mow lawns or run errands and use the money to hire Alex as your pitch coach!

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  5. Hello Alexander. Great collection of pitch decks. I am seeking 1 million dollars to start a flatbread production business in Houston, Texas. I have my BP and Presentation ready. Now I need a winning pitch to attract VC.
    I would like to know how much you will charge to write that winning pitch for me. What will you need from me to start, once we agree on the price. Thank you.

    1. Post
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