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About Alexander Jarvis startup mentor

Lovely to meet you! My name is Alexander

I’m a startup mentor and build startups, mentor promising entrepreneurs and advise institutional investors on internet startups in Asia Pacific and Europe. With amazing people, I have helped create some truly great companies. I thank investors for their trust.

I’m Founder of 50Folds. We do venture building and no bull-shit consulting. If you are stuck with something particular, you can org a quick call with me here and sort that out.

  • I used to be a VC in Asia, but building is more fun.
  • A wanky fact is I’ve founded or helped scale 3 unicorns. I’ve built a lot of startups and yes, many have failed
  • I also used to be a FIG M&A banker in London and am happier now. I plan on making a few dents in the universe, which you can’t do when you are helping others simply sell their businesses.
  • I mentor at a lot of accelerators and stuff.

When I am not ‘doing startup’, which is rare, I can likely be found Russian dancing and probably (not so probably) talking about startup. Yes, both the former and the later impact my ‘social’ life.

You can ask me a question and be featured on the ‘Ask Alex Podcast‘ here.

If you need a perfect pitch deck and are stressed out about your fundraising, I have a company just for you! Perfect Pitch Deck. Head over and check them out.

perfect pitch deck startup

Funny facts and possible lies about me:

  • I’ve lived in four continents, particularly Asia (10 years in Jakarta). I am a little nomadic, in fact I live in Airbnb
  • My most hated question is “where are you from”, this one still confuses me
  • I spent a year learning to wiggle my ears as I read it was a hereditary trait. If I could give two fingers to genetics, then there would be nothing I could not accomplish through hard work
  • I was in a band (briefly) when I was a teenager. I am not telling what kind though, but it was the late 90s and I had to win a competition
  • I learned to breakdance and frequently attempted to break bones skating for a few years
  • Part of my ear was bitten off by a Komodo dragon saving a girl-scout at a zoo in Jakarta
  • I almost died white water rafting in Uganda, you figure out if you keep your cool in a stressful situation like that
  • I would prefer to have a grand piano wherever I stay than an Aston Martin. I am a complete music nut
  • I am a gadget freak. After “25” years of Microsoft I bought every Apple device in a weekend. If someone else comes up with a bunch of cool, new stuff…
  • I ‘used’ to prefer to make complex excel formulas than partying on a Saturday night. I still do (sort of)
  • I am very spontaneous socially. I tend to just do things, like get on planes and my definition of ‘notice’ is about 30 minutes (give or take)

I have a sincere interest in people, so if I can be of help please contact me ([email protected]).


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  1. hahahaha love that Let Me Google That For You link. 🙂
    Also, i would hazard a guess that the only lie above involves saving a girl at the zoo from a kimodo dragon. The rest is #truestory

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