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Lovely to meet you! My name is Alexander

I’m a startup mentor and I also build startups. I mentor, advise and groom promising entrepreneurs and institutional investors on all forms of internet startups… well, globally, it seems. I spend no time in North America, but US and Canada #represent. With amazing people, I have helped create some truly great companies. I remain ever grateful to investors for their trust and understanding. Over the years, I have met so many potential business owners who have been riddled with the question of where to find a startup mentor. After speaking with them, I realized that the problem wasn’t just about where to find a startup mentor, it was actually more about finding the right kind; a startup mentor that doesn’t sugar coat, So, I decided to be that guy.

I’m the Founder of 50Folds and we live for venture building and no bull-shit consulting. However, if you are stuck with something particular, you can organize a quick call with me here and sort that out.

  • I used to be a VC in Asia, but building is more fun.
  • A wanky fact is I’ve founded or helped scale 3 unicorns. I’ve built a lot of startups and yes, many have failed.
  • I also used to be a FIG M&A banker in London and am happier now. I plan on making a few dents in the universe, which you can’t do when you are helping others simply sell their businesses.
  • I mentor at a lot of accelerators and stuff. Yes, I do talks, but I hate those wankers who say they have done TED talks. Funny point, I did mine after a Minister for Finance and my slides totally went against what he said. It was like a car crash coming as I couldn’t change my deck.

When I am not ‘doing startup’, which is rare, I can likely be found Russian dancing and probably (not so probably) talking about startup. Yes, both the former and the later impact my ‘social’ life.

You can ask me a question and be featured on the ‘Ask Alex Podcast‘ here.

If you need a perfect pitch deck and are stressed out about your fundraising, I have a company just for you! Perfect Pitch Deck. Head over and check them out.

Funny facts and possible lies about me:

  • I’ve lived in four continents and 13 countries, particularly Asia (10 years in Jakarta). I am a little nomadic, in fact, I lived in Airbnb for 3 years.
  • My most hated question is “where are you from”, this one still confuses me.
  • I spent a year learning to wiggle my ears as I read it was a hereditary trait. If I could give two fingers to genetics, then there would be nothing I could not accomplish through hard work.
  • I was born with an umbilical cord around my neck and almost died at birth. I was in intensive care for 2 weeks.
  • I have dyslexia and ADHD. Yes, I was in ‘special classes’. I deal with it by always working harder than everyone.
  • I was in a band (briefly) when I was a teenager. I am not telling what kind though, but it was the late 90s and I had to win a national competition.
  • I learned to breakdance and frequently attempted to break bones skating for a few years.
  • I went to school with a Princess who bullied me. Bitch.
  • Part of my ear was bitten off by a Komodo dragon saving a girl-scout at a zoo in Jakarta.
  • I almost died white water rafting in Uganda, you figure out if you keep your cool in a stressful situation like that. I don’t get stressed out by scary things anymore.
  • I would prefer to have a grand piano wherever I stay than an Aston Martin. I am a complete music nut. I have a guitar with me, but no piano atm.
  • I am a gadget freak. After “25” years of Microsoft I bought every Apple device in a weekend. If someone else comes up with a bunch of cool, new stuff… UPDATE: I built a gaming rig.
  • I ‘used’ to prefer to make complex excel formulas than partying on a Saturday night. I still do (sort of). Who am I kidding, I’m always studying to learn more. The more I learn the more I am freaked out by what I have to learn next.
  • I am very spontaneous socially. I tend to just do things, like get on planes and my definition of ‘notice’ is about 30 minutes (give or take).
  • I’m working to make obscene amounts of money so I can blow it on impacting the world positively. But through performance orientated initiatives.

I have a sincere interest in people, so if you’ve ever been perplexed about where to find a startup mentor and are high-potential regardless of age, look no further and contact me.

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  1. hahahaha love that Let Me Google That For You link. 🙂
    Also, i would hazard a guess that the only lie above involves saving a girl at the zoo from a kimodo dragon. The rest is #truestory

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      Jhon – terima kasih. I grew up in Jakarta for 11 years.
      I charge for 1-1, but if you can get a group of 20+ founders together I do free lectures. I want to help as many people as possible.

  2. Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for creating a brilliant website and essays to help founders. We are a community lead open source platform development organisation. We intend to raise seed capital to validate some of our initial ideas and assess investment (and time) for a second round to build the company. Would be willing to have an initial conversation with us to inform us potential engagement avenues. Of course, all of this depends on your time. Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes and regards, Yogesh Prasad

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