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About Alexander Jarvis

My name is Alexander Jarvis, you may have guessed that from my domain.

I’m a VC in Asia (Views on this blog are my own and do not reflect that of anyone else), build stuff, mentor promising entrepreneurs and advise institutional investors on internet companies in Asia Pacific. With amazing people, I have helped create some truly great companies. I thank investors for their trust.

I’m presently Founder of 50Folds, an easrly stage Venture Capital and Venture Builder. I was formerly a Partner at Jungle Ventures.

I used to be a FIG M&A banker in London and am happier now. I plan on making a few dents in the universe, which you can’t do when you are helping others simply sell their businesses.

When I am not ‘doing startup’, which is rare, I can likely be found Russian dancing and probably (not probably) talking about startup. Yes, both the former and the later impact my ‘social’ life.

Funny facts and possible lies about me:

  • I’ve lived in four continents, particularly Asia (10 years in Jakarta), where I live now. I am a little nomadic
  • My most hated question is “where are you from”, this one still confuses me
  • I spent a year learning to wiggle my ears as I read it was a hereditary trait. If I could give two fingers to genetics, then there would be nothing I could never accomplish through hard work
  • I was in a band (briefly) when I was a teenager. I am not telling what kind though, but it was the late 90s and I had to win a competition
  • I learnt to breakdance and frequently attempted to break bones skating for a few years
  • Part of my ear was bitten off by a Komodo dragon saving a girl-scout at a zoo in Jakarta
  • I almost died white water rafting in Uganda, you figure out if you keep your cool in a stressful situation like that
  • I would prefer to have a grand piano wherever I stayed than an Aston Martin. I am a complete music nut
  • I am a gadget freak. After “25” years of Microsoft I bought every Apple device in a weekend. If someone else comes up with a bunch of cool, new stuff…
  • I ‘used’ to prefer to make complex excel formulas than partying on a Saturday night.
  • I am very spontaneous socially. I tend to just do things, like get on planes and my definition of ‘notice’ is about 30 minutes (give or take)

I have a sincere interest in people, so if I can be of help please contact me (Ideally on LinkedIn). I donate a few hours a week to entrepreneurs. Just, please NO:

  • Financial advisors (Please stop it!)
  • Web agencies
  • Questions where I respond using:
  • If you add me on LI, send a message of introduction!

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