biogrify pitch deck

Biogrify Seed Startup Pitch Deck

Alexander Jarvis

Alexander Jarvis

Startup sucks and fundraising is a nightmare. I make awesome (allegedly) tools and write no BS content to help founders be more awesome and not get taken advantage of. If I can help, reach out.
Alexander Jarvis
This is the Biogrify pitch deck to raise seed capital. They were founded in 2011.
Their fundraising was not announced which typically means it was for peanuts.

About Biogrify

Biogrify offers brands the opportunity to record and share their story, which will be displayed through compelling social infographics, or what we call creative communication. Our goal is to become the official fun data source for brands, providing them with a unique way to deliver their message beyond just
sharing photos and comments. Through the use of constantly evolving infographics, we will

Biogrify pitch deck

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