How I can help you

Got a quick question?

If I'm online, ask away! It's a great way to figure out if you want to work with me.


Pitch decks

Of course. I have a startup that just does pitch decks. Founders constantly need help, so I did something about it.

Confused or stuck with something critical?

Book a one on one and we can hammer it out in an hour or two together. Doesn't matter if you are stuck with scaling or starting, I'll help you get perspective.

Startup support structure

Weekly calls and chat on-demand whenever you have a question for a fixed price.

Fundraising support structure

Weekly calls and chat to guide you step by step through the fundraising process and give you the best chance of closing. All for one fixed price.

Business model review

Are you wasting your time? Does your strategy have legs? Are you VC fundable, or not? I get asked this so much, I'm making sure it's featured here.

Financial modeling

Excel is a bore, but I'm a massive nerd. Whether you need a fundraising model, KPI dashboard, operational model etc, we can make you look like a pro (Painlessly).

Free consulting

30 minutes of free consulting. We'll discuss whatever issues are really holding you back one on one, and the video will be shared on my Youtube channel and podcast so all other founders can benefit.

Advisory board on your startup

I do this when I really like you. Basic version is you pay $ for time. Occasionally I take equity.