farmeron pitch deck

Farmeron Pitch Deck to raise seed investment

Alexander Jarvis

Alexander Jarvis

Startup sucks and fundraising is a nightmare. I make awesome (allegedly) tools and write no BS content to help founders be more awesome and not get taken advantage of. If I can help, reach out.
Alexander Jarvis

This is the Farmeron pitch deck to raise their $1.35m seed round from investors. They’re one of the few success stories to come out of the CEE. Friends who invested in them said they are doing quite nicely.

They have raised $4.27M in 5 Rounds from 20 Investors.

About Farmeron

Farmeron helps farmers across the world to manage their farming data online and to do farm performance analysis using exciting statistics.
By integrating Farmeron with machinery being used on farms of the world, we’re able to speed up data retrieval process and ease core farming data management operations. Adding an analytics layer on top this data, Farmeron delivers statistics and reports to farmers, and these can be used to monitor production performance, adjust production plans but also for government reporting needs.


Farmeron Pitch Deck

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