manpacks pitch deck

Manpacks Seed Stage Startup Pitch Deck

Alexander Jarvis

Alexander Jarvis

Startup sucks and fundraising is a nightmare. I make awesome (allegedly) tools and write no BS content to help founders be more awesome and not get taken advantage of. If I can help, reach out.
Alexander Jarvis

This is the Manpacks seed stage pitch deck they used to raise $500k from 500 Startups.

About Manpacks

Manpacks has built a shopping experience to help guys buy things they hate to shop for in a simple, fast, and fun way. Like if Netflix and iTunes had a baby that sold underwear and condoms.

Manpacks features a customer dashboard to hold favourite products, queued up to ship on a quarterly schedule. Rush, snooze, or modify a pack anytime, and add new items to your next pack with a single click.

Our customers love the Manpacks attitude, convenience, and focused product selection.

Manpacks pitch deck

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