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Board deck template for seed stage startups from nextview vc

Alexander Jarvis

Alexander Jarvis

Startup sucks and fundraising is a nightmare. I make awesome (allegedly) tools and write no BS content to help founders be more awesome and not get taken advantage of. If I can help, reach out.
Alexander Jarvis

Once you have investors, in most cases you actually one of them (the lead) on your board of Directors. In many cases this can actually be awesome, some cases less so. In all cases where your investors have ‘information rights’ you have to provide them information on a monthly to quarterly basis.

There is a correlation between the more old-school and sophisticated an investor, and the quality of information you will need to provide. This information needs to be presented well, think of it like a monthly fundraising deck (Yay). So, are you wondering what one of these bad boys actually looks like? NextView put together a template for your viewing delight.

Have a read below to get a feel for what a board deck looks like. If you want to download the PowerPoint version, you can get it here.

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