ppp tracker

Pro OKR KPI and PPP template team tracker tool in Google Sheets for growing startups

Track and analyse your business targets in one Google Sheet that won't piss off your staff
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Managing your staff shouldn't be a pain. Offer them something they will use
  • Google Sheets: Collaborate in the cloud
  • All in one: Your KPI, OKR and PPP all in one place, not in multiple sheets
  • Based on research: The system is based on what giants like Google use
  • Complex removed: This actually removes some 'best practice' to make it less time-intensive for startups that are focused on doing
  • Automated reporting: Every week you will be emailed your PPPs (Magically)
Plan your quarterly OKR and KPI in one easy to use sheet with no fancy stuff
Easily manage updates on what the team is doing every week and what they are stuck on through PPPs
Get PPP updates emailed, set what managers receive updates from whom, with click of a button
Image Image
Anchor links to your staff OKR and PPP section without endless scrolling
The OKR and KPI sheet
The PPP sheet
The settings sheet

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What do you have to lose other than wasted time?

Buy €29

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