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50Folds Excel Productivity Addin For Modeling

A collection of my most recommended productivity hacks for modeling. These are exactly what I use to build my huge models. You can have them too, now.


Swap currencies in your model

Exclusive to all 50Folds fundraising models, with the press of two buttons you can change the currencies of the model.

Start by picking the currency you want as per instructions. Then just push this button to change everything.

Wait ten seconds and it's done. You can change to another currency easily. This doesn't work for other models.

Currency list
Krone kr
Rp Rp

Repeatedly create a new version of your file so you have backups

You should create multiple versions of your model as you build it in case you mess up! Press this button every time you have done a lot of work to automatically create a new version of your file. When you press it, it will add "v1" to your file. Press again and "v1" will become "v2"


Change formulas references (E.g. A1 to $A$1).

Change A1 to $A$1 and other variances in formulas for the cells you have selected. This is incredibly useful once you know how to use it. Examples:

  • Absolute = 1 (Example $A$1)
  • Row absolute = 2 (Example A$1)
  • Column absolute = 3 (Example $A1)
  • Relative = 4 (Example A1)

Add IFERROR checks to selected formulas

Magically add an IFERROR statement to your cell selection so no more ugly errors. It will show a "N/A".

Add IFERROR checks to selected formulas

Magically add an IFERROR statement to your cell selection so no more ugly errors. It will show a "0". Sometimes it is better to show a zero in case dependent formulas don't like N/A.

Change If(ISERROR) to IFERROR formulas which are easier to read

You used to have to use IF(ISERROR()) formulas. IFERROR is far easier to read as is half as long. This utility will convert your formulas to IFERROR making it fast to update models you have made.

Transpose your cells from horizontal to vertical without changing your formulas

If you have formulas in a row, and you want to make a copy of them so they are vertical, run this. If you are making cohorts, this is a really handy tool.

Make or rebuild array formulas

Sometimes you have to have array formulas to make formulas work. You need to press "CTRL/CMD+Shift+Enter" and if you forget to do it it is annoying. Sometimes you want to change arrays and it's painful to do manually. This will make/rebuild array formulas for your selection.

Set the zoom on each sheet to your desired focus

As you model you might zoom in and out on different sheets leaving each sheet at a different zoom. This tool will instantly zoom to your desired %. I most often use 85% and 100%.

Change formulas, assumptions and links to the right colors

If you have a large model and you haven't set the right colors for everything, this tool will instantly format everything for you.

It sets your assumptions to blue, formulas to black and links between sheets to green. This is the investment bank standard.

This model has three macros:

  • Color selection
  • Color sheet
  • Color workbook

Sets every sheet to A1 so your model is set up to be read perfectly

Before you share your model you want to have each sheet at the top (In cell A1) so it's easy to read. If you have been modeling then you may be half way down sheets. This sets everything so it's ready to be read by someone else.

Resize and reposition all your comments to the right place

Comments can more around and be sized the wrong way. That's boring to fix. This formats all your comments right so they are the right size and in the right position.

Find all the links to external sheets

Creates a new sheet with the location of any links to another sheet. If you get annoyed with notices on open about 'External links' this will fix it for you.

You really need to watch out for this as your numbers will not be accurate. This will tell you the sheet and cell where the external links are so you can fix the formulas. Life saver!


Remove styles in your sheet that you are not using

Removes any format styles you aren't using so cell styles are clean. Sometimes this can make your file faster, but it just cleans things up for best practice.

Check the file size per sheet

Creates a sheet with the bytes for each sheet so you can see if a particular sheet has become too large. This happens when Excel thinks you are using cells you are not.

When you find a sheet that is too large, go to the bottom of the sheet and delete all the rows/columns ("CMD"/"CTRL" + "-") to fix that.


Remove all the comments in your file

You can delete ALL comments in a sheet. For example, with a 50Folds model, if you don't want to see my comments, it's easy to remove them all!

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      1. Dear Jarvis
        I have explored the statements and really useful formats and I m student yashika Vyas from Bangalore India and willing to start the e commerce online business ..would request you to give me some discount to purchase your product ..Please reply and expecting reply on [email protected]
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  1. I’m looking to use Per User Pricing for a range of different online learning modules.

    Can that be incoporated into this model?

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      Hey Xander – sorry slow reply. I hired a dev to check my code. He said it’s fully compatible with mac.
      I tested ages ago and I think I only had one issue with one macro so I added a caveat. But as I said, I hired a better coder than me to check and he said all good.
      If any issues I’ll hire someone to fix it asap.

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