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Amify pitch deck to raise $5.8m series-a

This is the Amify pitch deck to raise their $5.8m series-a round in 2019. Amify is a specialized suite of services to Manage. Accelerate. Enhance. Protect. Your brand on Amazon.

About Amify

Amify is a four-time Inc. Magazine award-winning Amazon strategy partner, focused on maximizing the potential of brands on Amazon. Amify uses industry expertise and a data-driven approach to monitor and prevent unauthorized sellers, optimize and enhance product listings, protect brands from unauthorized sellers and price violations, and drive sales through advertising. With tact, innovation, and a dedication to brand authenticity, Amify has emerged as one of largest brand partners on Amazon.

Funding rounds

There is no information that they raised anything other than their $5.8m series-a.

Amify Pitch deck

Pitch deck review summary

The Amify pitch deck is solid and paints a decent picture, particularly as the founder bootstrapped the business to $25m in revenue. It is, however, an essay in PowerPoint. There are almost zero graphics to structure up information which makes it terrible to read.

He has made some solid money, so I would be interested to know more, I am not however blown away.

Structured summary review


The slides are just walls of text. Investors will find this tedious until they actually want to know more.

Slide length

At 14 slides, the length is ok but a little on the short end. They don’t cover all the slides they need to.


The headers are better than just writing ‘problem’ but not by much.


It’s not designed. The content is ok which saves them, but it’s not great to look at all.


The slides generally flow in the right order, but without headers, there isn’t that much of a narrative.


There is just text, and with no design, the structure doesn’t apply.


They cover most of the key slides, but not all. Who are their competitors? What is the go-to-market? Who is the team?  I don’t really understand how the product works?

Slide by slide review

Don’t write ‘pitch deck’ that is obvious. Better to add your tagline.  The logo is too large and makes the slide ugly.

Starting with a summary slide of what you do is not a terrible idea. I used to like these when I was reviewing decks as I could triage decks faster. If you do so, I prefer a matrix format which makes it easier to parse. One potential downside is that an investor might take a look and pass, before reading more.

This deck is terrible from a readability perspective. It’s just walls of text. No one wants to read that.

They try to explain that Amazon is large and so brands need to be on it. If you want to distribute on Amazon then they can save you 50% of the cost (they don’t prove that they can).

They messed up the header. Be careful about formatting. My guess is whoever shared the deck didn’t have the right fonts installed and so the text overflowed.

This list of points isn’t very insightful.

More walls of text. The deck flows, but it is a yawn fest to read.

They pull out some rubbish screenshots and don’t format them properly. There is some tiny text which I guess explains the examples, but it’s too small so I’m not even going to try read it.

They now sort of explain how they make money. There are no specifics as to how they actually make money. I want specifics. What is the %? How is that % different per service?

What does this slide show? Companies that use Amazon keep increasing sales? You need to spoon feed and not assume people know what you do.

The next three slides explain how the business has evolved over time. Ethan includes a ‘thesis or ‘strategy’ on each slide to explain his logic. I like that. Show your thinking.

He starts selling on Amazon to help people find audience. He does this himself, which is impressive.

Next, he uses Amazon to figure out what to sell. The team grows as does his revenue.

The final stage is helping brands partner with Amazon.

Here is his plan to make more money out of the 300 brand partnerships he has. There are three services to capture a larger share of wallet. This is strong.

Why now, or timing is always an annoying slide. You normally talk about industry environment or other macro factors. You can, however, talk about yourself and why you are ready for money.

Ethan says he has bootstrapped to $25m in revenue and now wants to be larger. Investors are ok with that!

Messed up the header again.

He’s raising to hire people. That’s fine. I would like to see some numbers that he can achieve with those numbers. I need more details, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t raise more money? Your valuation is largely fixed, so raising more money typically raises your pre-money.


What do you think about the Amify pitch deck?



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