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welcome to the ASKALEX podcast, my daily show that features an online business coaching call with an entrepreneur like you on whatever you are stuck thinking about in the shower

It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.Paul Graham


My friend, I empathize. I've been there and am there. AskAlex is a daily bite-sized podcast where we delve into real questions from both founders and investors on what vexes them the most.

The questions are all picked to ensure they can add value to everyone. The difference is we are keeping the bar high and the answers will be hard to Google. With really tough questions I'll pull in expert friends to give their perspective too!

Also, I promise to keep bullshit to the absolute minimum (I can't stand waffle on Podcasts... FML). You are guaranteed to learn something every single day, or your money back! Wait, it's totally free!


What are you lamenting? Do you want an answer? Click the button on the right to have your question answered on AskAlex!

You will be able to ask a 30-second audio pitch for your question. Try use the best mic you can and speak clearly 😉 Note: This doesn't work on an iPhone.

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