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Board report template by IA Ventures

TL:DR: Board report template for your startup

Once you are funded by a venture capital firm, you are going to have bosses. That’s right, you aren’t in control anymore! Sorry, buddy. Monthly or quarterly you are going to have a ‘board meeting’. That meeting is going to be 1-3 hours long and will compose your board of directors and possible board observers. In this meeting, you will discuss everything that you have been doing and plan on doing.

Every investor is going to expect material of some sort. This is called a ‘board deck’. They don’t have to be overly time-intensive to make and fill in for each board meeting, but it’s useful to know what needs to be in them in the first place. For that, you can use a board report template.

Templates are great, only you don’t often find many useful ones. Last night I came across a good board presentation template which I thought was worth sharing. It was put together by IA Ventures.

Obviously, you need to tailor the deck to your specific circumstance, sector etc, but there are some great slides and the general format is good.

The slides include:

  • Agenda
  • Official board business
  • Summaries and  key metrics
  • Updates: Product / Sales / Changes in the org chart / Staffing plan
  • Strategic discussions
  • Financials
  • Asks from the board
  • Appendix slides

Looking for a fab template you can use?

If you are looking for a board deck, I have made a fab template that you can download. You can get the board meeting template here.

Board presentation template

You can download it here.

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