Can I call you?

Hey buddy!

I get a lot of people reaching out to me saying “great stuff,  can I call you?” If you’re reading this I probably just sent you this link to your message/email…

You want advice (aka consulting)

If you have issues and you want help, pay and book a time in my calendar.

Book a call with me here

I’ll chat about whatever you want during your time and I’ll try hard to genuinely figure out how to help you achieve an outcome. Simple. I’m fecking good at it. I’ve never had an unhappy client (other than a yoga instructor who said “you’re kinda hostile”. Not all people like truth).

If you want to “pick my brain” or whatever BS, I charge for that. It’s called being a consultant.

I don’t do free calls unless you charm me somehow and I want to help you (aka reallocate time to your drama).

You want me to do a TALK (for free)

I do free talks all the time, mainly for universities and accelerators.

My criteria is basically that there are at least 30(ish) people.

If you’re in fecking Sudan and want me to chat with your 50 startups friends from your startup group, I’ll do that (for free). I’m all about educating, I just require that I help out a lot of people at once. I think that’s pretty fair.

You are a bigger nerd than me and want to nerd out on something specific

I love talking to nerds. It’s how I learn.

  • Say you’re the founder of a cap table startup- sure, I’d love to talk about cap tables!
  • You’re a fundraising advisor and you want to share learnings on the crap you learned- sounds fun!
  • You looked at my viral growth model and finally found the error- yes, I want to talk to you!
  • You financial model and want to share some ways to improve something – call me!

The point here is that the value transfer should be zero-sum.

You want to talk about partnerships

I’ve never done anything to date. Basically, you want me to do free stuff to help you.

Send me a SHORT bullet point email with:

  1. What’s in it for me
  2. What I have to do
  3. What I have to give you
  4. How much time is involved

You want to discuss something random (e.g. me being a Director)

I’m open to anything that:

  • Makes me money now
  • Will make me money
  • Makes me look all sparkly pants awesome
  • Offers opportunities to learn and meet awesome people
  • Helps lots of people

You want to make friends with me

I love making friends with nerds.

I don’t know who the feck you are though.

  1. Get an intro
  2. Send me an email with something value add to me
  3. Live chat me and get to the fecking point quickly that you’re interesting (Yes, I’ve made many friends this way)

Basically, you want to know me, why do I want to know you? I can be very friendly but I have absolutely zero chill for BS.

You want to sell me something

Sure, book a call here. Talk for as long as you want.

Book a call with me here

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