Startup pitch video collection

Collection of the best tech startup pitch video

A collection of the best startup pitch video to use as a reference for your fundraise.

So you got your deck together, intros to the venture capitalist and now its time to meet in person and make the ‘pitch.’ Whoa, you’re on your way, but what does a great in person pitch look like?

no idea

Unsurprisingly, VCs don’t record in-person pitches, so the closest founders can get are pitches done on stage during demo day pitches.

This blog is a collection of the best founder pitch video on stage pulled together in one place.


Key learnings from the pitches on stage from pitch video

  • Casual and relaxed: No one is stressed out and fidgeting. They are confident and getting their message across like a boss
  • Practiced: Even if people are ‘nervous’ and uncomfortable on stage, they have practised so much they get away with it
  • Simple words: Don’t use lots of big words and buzz words (Social, local, mobile: SoMoLo)
  • Focus on you: Slides are background, they aren’t the focal point. You are the star of the show!
  • Humour: Keep people attentive with humour. Nothing makes people reach for their phone faster than boredom.
  • Cover the key points: There is a reason founders are pitching, to ‘sell’ and get the money (“Ask”)
  • Stage deck is different to a pitch deck: When you are presenting on stage, less is far more. You want to have very large header text, large emotive images and maybe even a sense of humor. What you send to investors can be more detailed. You are meant to do the talking
  • Polished graphical presentation: There are short text statements, there aren’t endless bullet points. The quality of the graphics are also high

Here is a blog I wrote about pitching for demo days: Demo day pitching guide

If you are looking for the largest collection of pitch decks, head over here.

Evernote – Phil Libin

Great one minute pitch about Evernote in 2008.

Parker Conrad – Zenefits

Sam Altman – Loopt

Party on Demand – Big Willie G


Hoist – Kasper Hulthin


Twoodo – David Arnoux

Possibly the best pitch I have ever seen. They raised $320k at their Startup bootcamp pitch in 2013

Saddl – George Ankohmah – pitch video

AdMob – Omar Hamoudi

Super confident guy. You can guess that mobile was probably a big question mark in 2007 so he goes straight in to address concerns.

Redbird Metrics – Josh Light

Levi Roots pitch video

M14 Industries – John Kershaw

Sendgrid – Isaac Saldana

Pitch with analysis of the pitch.

Hungry House

Bizimply – Mikey Cannon

Timo Kauppila – Catchbox



FounderFuel – Sam Vermette

Decent talk with visuals.

Catch Box –

That’s Suspicious Behaviour

Good confident speaker. Some humour without trying due to “Creepy person.”

ZocDoc – Cyrus Massoumi

Mike Tyson ear biting joke…

GiveMeTap – Edwin Broni-Mensah

OnSwipe – Jason Baptiste

Series Awesome!


SoMoLend – Candace Klein

“Social, local and transparent…” OK she said it before it became a Silicon Valley joke. Her collar is distractingly annoying.

Klash – Alex Napetshnig

Most fun pitch ever which incorporates the nature of the app.

Vizify – Todd Silverstein

Great use of humour.

Next Big Sound

What was your favorite pitch?

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  1. Hey thanks for featuring my Pitch with Twoodo! Would it just be possible to change the name of the speaker? It should be David Arnoux and not Denis Duvauchelle 😛

    1. Hey David, changed. It’s David now 😉
      Interested to know how you guys have been doing. Have been tracking a few similar startups. Ping me

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