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Ergh... really email? Yes! It's awesome.

Here are all the FREE email training courses I have available (so far). I don't do 'hard sales.' If I add a lot of value to you, and you want to pay me to kick your ass, you'll reach out to me. There is no sales shit in the courses.

Pick a topic you want to get awesome at and every day for the course you will get a pragmatic learning in your inbox. Couldn't be simpler to become a total boss! BOOM.

You just have to commit to bettering yourself each day so you are more awesome tomorrow.

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want the secret to making pitch deck writing easy?

This 11 day email course is free

Writing a pitch deck is sooo painful! you see the examples on my site, but copying the content isn't what you want to do...

You need to know how to 'think' about writing a deck with a compelling narrative. Sounds boring, right? Trust me, this course is going to save you a tonne of time!

Do not skip over anything that sounds basic. The basics are what you f*** up and make it hard for you.


If you're building a great startup blog, you need the right tools. These are the three I LOVE. Leadpages makes fab landing pages, Convertkit is a super simple for marketing automation and Siteground's customer care is ridiculous (I'm on first name basis with them!).

Tools of the trade

Do you suck at Excel? Wish you were awesome?

36 weekly emails with a practice sheet

Once upon a time I sucked. I didn't even know how to do a SUM function!

Now I'm pretty awesome 😉 I love it! It took me years, but it doesn't have to be so hard for you!

I've made a pragmatic daily course, where you get a spreadsheet to learn in as well as a clear description. It's only by doing that you learn.

I'm only teaching you what you NEED to know.  We start really basic and then get more complicated every week.

Want to know how to build and manage your cap table?

There is no hiding from the dreaded cap table...

Investors care about how much they own. You care about how much you are diluted. Staff want to know what their options are worth.

You need a cap table (capitalisation table). This course will teach you the basics of cap tables as well as how to fill and manage the Pro cap table.

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