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75% of startup is the same, but 99% of a lot of knowledge founders need is the same. I've made a variety of really useful tools to help you run your startup more efficiently, learn really tough things like convertible note math, and chucked in a couple of presentations too.

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If you're building a great startup blog, you need the right tools. These are the three I LOVE. Leadpages makes fab landing pages, Convertkit is a super simple for marketing automation and Siteground's customer care is ridiculous (I'm on first name basis with them!).

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It's weird I know... you have a love hate relationship with email. On one hand, who likes email 😉 On the other hand it is super convenient when you actually want it AND it's valuable.

I've made a couple of courses on topics like how to not suck at Excel modeling to how to think about writing pitch decks.


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