Hands up if you think fundraising is hard and a waste of time...

Fundraising is without a doubt the most stressful thing a founder has to deal with, and the biggest waste of time. You'll spend months learnings and still not know if a VC is abusing you.

There is just so much you have to learn, and why? So you can get cash to then get back to work?

The value is $1500 for one hour call per week and email/Message support when you have questions.

Apply to the structure


I've helped a lot of founders raise. I take a % of certain deals on a 'success' basis. But do investors like it, and do founders want to pony up a % of their hard earned raise? Not really.

So screw that. Why not get access to someone who knows the deal, for a fixed price per month... that you can cancel if it's not helpful?

Call based fundraising guidance that runs month to month from preparation to close.

Your sector or stage doesn't matter. 

You get expert support, bespoke to you and your startup. 

There are no generics, here. You have questions, I have answers.

Big value for an affordable price.

I know your budget, so I priced it so you can afford it. 

The structure

A call a week and daily access

It's simple. Let's say you are thinking of raising. Do you know what prep to do? Do you know how to reach out to investors? Do you know how to close them and all the crazy legal terms?

No? I do.

We talk every week and guide you through what you need to be doing. You're doing the work, I make sure you do the right work. 

You're going to have questions so when you have pressing questions you just ping me on whatever instant channel we use.

The prep work is the hardest, so we start with 2 hours a week. If your process is slow we flex this down to an hour a week. When you are closing we flex up to an hour a week.

  • Weekly calls

    We chat every week for either 1 or 2 hours depending on your need. You can flex up and down.

  • Unlimited messages

    Got something you need a quick answer on? Message me on FB, WA, Skype etc. For example: "Does $8m pre sound reasonable?"

  • Month to month commitment

    At the start you don't know how long the process will take, but there's a lot to do and learn. As you reach out to investors the process is just a slog, you don't need tonnes of time. When you are closing, well that's work again! Your commitment depends on your process.

how does this work?

End to end support

I'm going to take you through the whole process from preparation, outreach to closing. Not going to lie, even with help it's going to be painful. You'll need to put in a lot of work.

I can tell you what to do and what not to do (so you don't look stupid). I'm not going to lie to you, all I can promise is you'll have the best chance of making it happen. 

I'll always be honest and straight-up with you. I'm one of the few people around that actually cares about your success, so don't BS and sugar-coat the truth. You're too busy for that and this is important.

  • Preparation

    Preparing to raise is where you put in the 'nerd work.' You need to do a financial model, pitch deck, due diligence data room and figure out an outreach plan. Yeah, it's that painful.

  • Outreach

    Time to show and tell and get investors interested. This is on you but if you have done the proper ground work, it's about ensuring you are telling a great story.

  • Closing

    Once you have investors interested, you need to get the deal done. If you are doing a convertible note, that's simpler, a priced round is more complicated. Either way, I'll make sure you don't get taken advantage of.

Let's do this. Just email me to start

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