Intercom pitch deck

Intercom pitch deck pre-seed convertible fundraise

There are not many SaaS products that you unanimously hear positive feedback about. Intercom happens to be one of them. I just stumbled upon Intercom pitch deck and happy to pitch deckshare it with you.

Now, the deck is not exactly pretty! It’s 8 slides and the only images are the company’s logo and snippet of a tweet from Jason Fried saying he loves the idea (Basecamp). Irrespective of this, they eventually were able to raise a $600k convertible with it.

The CEO and founder Eoghan McCabe, whom I am proud to call a fellow Irishman and Trinity alumni, would no doubt not define this as their finest pitch deck moment, but given they have now raised $115.75M in 6 Rounds from 29 Investors, I am sure they have become significantly more sophisticated! 😉

Eoghan’s comment on SlideShare is:

From a LONG time ago. Late 2011. When raising $600k was a monumental task. And when I thought it could get us to profitability!

What do you think of the deck?

Intercom pitch deck

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