Is it a good idea to use gimmicks in a business pitch? Why or why not?

No. Don’t do anything cringy.

Investors want to invest in a real business that logically makes sense.

I teach my clients to allude to the things they want to say.

If you want to say “I know the industry” you allude to it by telling an industry narrative that illustrates your insights… investors sense you know.

You don’t say “we’re the best team”… you pick bullet points on the team slide which lead to the notion the team is pretty awesome.

Most investors aren’t idiots. There’s a reason they have money.

The most powerful thing to do is let them feel smart for filling in the gaps that you set out.

Pitch decks and pitching is really hard. Just have a great business, explain them to why you are doing something logical at the right time, in a big market, that solves a big problem, etc, and investors will get it.

You resort to ‘gimmicks’ when you want to compensate for something that isn’t real.

You may get away with it for a bit, but you will be caught eventually. Be careful.

I’d rather fail fast, than fake success and end up poorer at the end.

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