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Media pitch decks

Do you need to write a media pitch deck for your startup fundraise? Wondering what the decks look like? Here are all the healthcare decks available online you should be taking notes from.

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There are 7 decks publicly available.


This is the Biogrify pitch deck to raise seed capital. They were founded in 2011.

Their fundraising was not announced which typically means it was for peanuts.

Biogrify offers brands the opportunity to record and share their story, which will be displayed through compelling social infographics, or what we call creative communication.


This is the Buzzfeed pitch deck used to raise their $3.5m Series-A in 2008.

BuzzFeed is the social news and entertainment company. BuzzFeed is redefining online advertising with its social, content-driven publishing technology.


This is the BrandBoards pitch deck to raise seed capital. They were founded in 2011 and raised $500k with the deck.

BrandBoards connect Brands with Fans on digital displays at live sporting events and concerts globally. Brings Google AdWords level of simplicity and reach to live event digital advertising.


Here’s the deck Contently, founded in 2010 by David T. Goldberg, Joe Coleman and Shane Snow, used to raise a $9m series-b from my friend at Jackson Square Ventures.


This is the pitch deck to raise $545k seed capital investment from 500 Startups. They were founded on March 29, 2011.pitch deck

The deck is not that pretty at all, but they got funded anyway.

Sandbox VR

This is the Sandbox VR pitch deck to raise their $68m series-a round in 2019. They raised a $3m seed before their $68m series-a.

Sandbox VR is a virtual reality startup that offers a premium, fully-immersive virtual reality experience.


This is Youtube pitch deck to Sequoia which was released in a legal proceeding. It is pretty basic with only 10 slides. In it I have also included 3 stats slides which were not in the original deck.

They raised a $3.5m seed.


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