Puptimize pitch deck

Puptimize Pitch Deck Seed Stage Startup

Here’s the deck Puptimize is using to raise their seed round. They’re raising a convertible debt of $980,000 at a $2.9m cap, a 20% discount and 3.25% interest rate. They previously raised $225k in their angel round. They shared the seed deck not the angel deck.

Puptimize will ultimately include an array of mobile and web tools that make it easy to be a great dog owner, but we start with free, personalized dog training. You choose the commands, skills, games, or tricks that you want your dog to learn. The app creates a custom training plan for you based on your goals, schedule, and dog’s personality. Each day, Puptimize delivers a 10-minute game or activity to help you build the desired skill, with visual, step-by-step instructions. Puptimize uses gamification to increase user engagement and training efficacy.

Each lesson includes a list of expert-recommended products to help owners achieve their training goals. Products can be purchased through the app. We use the Amazon affiliate program, so we are able to earn 8.0%+ commissions while leveraging Amazon’s brand, product selection, and fulfilment capabilities. Contextually relevant products and trusted local services will be embedded throughout our tools and content.pitch deck

Deck review

The deck follows a lot of best practice but regardless is generally frantic. Whilst there are some learnings of what to do, it’s a good example of doing too much. Fundamentally it appears that they are covering for what is not a great business model. Looking at the financials, it clearly not venture backable.


  • Each slide tells a story and they attempt to have a narrative throughout it
  • They apply a lot of structure to each slide where possible


  • There is too much text on each slide. Sure there is a point in it all, but it’s too much to follow
  • The font sizing is off. Header and sub header text are often the same size or sometimes even larger
  • The market size is too small. They define it as 54.4million households with dogs
  • They put a lot of points under their competitive advantages. “Fun activities and social media integration” is not a competitive advantage
  • The financials aren’t very believable

Pupmatize pitch deck reading material

Profits Expected at Tail End of App: Co.’s Goal Is to Create Pet Hub And Monetize Traffic

These Tips Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Pupmatize pitch deck





















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