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CAP TABLE #5: Shareholders sheet in the cap table

This is the 5th part of the Pro Cap Table training course. In this series we go through the basics you need to know, then work sheet by sheet so you know how to make a seriously kick ass cap table.

There are 14 parts:

  1. What is a cap table and other important questions
  2. Cap table dilution step by step example
  3. Cap table dilution math
  4. Starting the cap table (The drop down menus we need)
  5. Shareholders sheet
  6. Deal calculations
  7. The cap table sheet
  8. The assumptions sheet
  9. Individual shareholder returns sheet
  10. Returns waterfall calculation
  11. The ESOP sheet
  12. The Common sheet
  13. The convertible notes and warrants sheet
  14. The preference shares sheets (From Series A to I)

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This sheet is a doozey.

I found this sheet really helpful to make sure the model is filled out properly so I incorporated it into the model.

This sheet is basically your cheat sheet to make sure that everything makes sense when you are inputting data into the sheets. Things can get confusing so you want a ledger to ensure everything makes sense (Feeling a blockchain vibe here).

The sheet has two uses:

  1. List of names: I thought about how to make the model consistent. To do that I made a list where you add in the names of each shareholder once, then every sheet will pull the names into a drop-down menu. I’m idiot proofing this. You HAVE to add each shareholder into the list ONCE
  2. What to do where: Type in what you want to happen and where in the columns, then make sure you do! You use this like a to do list

Here is the sheet:

  1. The first column numbers each shareholder
  2. Then you HAVE to add the name of the investor. This drives each sheet. It’s totally critical
  3. Input the class of share the shareholder has such as common, RS or Series-A
  4. When were the shares issued and when are they closed (i.e. firing staff)
  5. What is the address? You only need this if you use this sheet to track where you mail letters to
  6. What’s the email? To send updates to shareholders
  7. Finally, you have notes which you use to make sure you update the other sheets properly. You use the notes to make sure things are perfect

If you can’t be bothered to fill this stuff out, you HAVE to add the names of staff or the model will not work.

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Deal calculations

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