Sheets in the eCommerce financial model

subscription ecommerce architecture
Formatting Input the start dates for the actuals and forecasts to start. These are key to align actual and forecast in the model output sheets
P&L Actual This is the P&L of your actual numbers. These can feed into the combined P&L and they are used to connect your actuals to forecasts (e.g. customers to get recurring income)
P&L Forecast Detailed forecast P&L of your startup. This mainly pulls in all the numbers fromother sheets, with only a few assumptions to input
P&L Combined This combines the forecast and actual sheets together. There are no assumptions
P&L for Deck This combines the summary forecast and actual sheets together for the first 12 months and for 3 years annual to insert in your pitch deck. Change to whatver you want
Source and Use Use this to figure out how much to raise and to present your 'sources and use' of money you raise in your 'ask' slide
KPI - Subs Some KPIs for your subscription side of the business (A bit more SaaS like)
KPI A detailed summary of all your KPIs
Charts Summary of charts from across sheets
Staff Forecasts for all staff (Other than warehouse, photography and customer care staff). All the related staff and G&A costs
Expense calcs Logistics including shipping, photography, customer care, payments and stock purchasing assumptions/calculations
D&A - Tax Calculate your depreciation (there is no amortization) and your tax simply
Sub - Pricing Input your subscription pricing and discount rate if you sell annual packages with discounts
SKU Forecast your SKU and the revenue and cost basis per SKU. This is for the product part of the business (not subscription)
Product - Cohort Build Orders and revenue are forecasted by cohort in detail for non-subscription part of business. All assumptions are at the top. Mechanics are below
Conversion assump All the assumptions that drive your revenue calculations. This sheet is key, takes marketing users and you divide them into product/subscription users and other key assumptions
Sub - Calcs - Monthly Calculate the monthly portion of your subscription users. There are NO assumptions on this sheet
Sub - Calcs - Annual Calculate the annual portion of your subscription users. There are NO assumptions on this sheet
Sub - MRR & Cust Summary A summary of your subscription calculations (The calculations in the monthly and annual sheets are long)
Marketing Centralizes the marketing data and applies conversion rates to create 'registered users' of your site (Which then buy, or you can simplify with one conversion rate, depending on your funnel)
Paid & organic Organic growth and paid traffic to the site. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
Email Calculates the sign ups to your email database. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'
Blog & Social Calculates the traffic that comes from promotion activities by blogging and social media. Feeds to the traffic build in 'Marketing'