Subscription commerce fundraising financial model

Subscription ecommerce fundraising financial model


Forecast a subscription commerce company

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  • Placeholder
  • Subscription eCommerce

    For subscription ecommerce startups that sell physical goods via subscription. Ship from your own warehouse

  • Large and complete

    213,929 formulas across 26 sheets with 99 charts

  • Heavy lifting done for you

    You only need to input your assumptions into the yellow boxes. The model is fully integrated across sheets with smart automations inbuilt to help you to scale up and down

  • For those that want to impress

    Wow your CFO and investors. You will level up your ecommerce KPI knowledge as you learn to get the most out of it

  • This is NOT for wannabes

    This is for grown ups that want to take their business seriously. If you want a model to quickly fill in "because an investor asked for one" don't go here

  • It is 100% worth every cent

    2 reasons: 1/ you couldn't even hire someone to make this, 2/ it's not a model- it's a structured learning process. You need to use it to understand what I'm saying, and it does blow minds!

If you are building a subscription commerce startup, there is no model like this on the internet. Combines both subscription and traditional ecommerce product sales in one model. Features highly granular revenue forecasting with monthly cohort level modeling. A full stack of marketing options from paid to social and email drive sales. 3 years (36 months) of detailed P&L for actual, forecast and combined, as well as cash based analysis. Manually plan out your hiring of staff and automate support staff depending on how you scale. Charts, KPIs, all your COGS mapped out. Unique source and use sheet illustrates your plan for your pitch deck. And a lot more...




  • Excel financial model
  • Built for PC and Mac
  • Not for Google Sheets
  • Entire model is editable by you
  • Nothing is locked or restricted
  • Fully integrated model
  • Each sheet acts as a module connected to each other which update immediately


No modeling needed

Easy to maintain

  • Model is updated with new features
  • I'll email you updates when they're done
  • Everything works out of the box
  • Just input your assumptions
  • Designed to be easy to update monthly
  • Just change the forecast month then add in you new month of actuals




  • If you're really stuck, ping me an email or catch me if I'm online and I'll help you figure out what to do for free
  • You can hire me per hour if you need a lot of help on whatever it is you need

  • Warehouse, photographers, and customer care staff added as you need them based on your assumptions
  • Payments, tech, and other costs scale to your forecasts. Set and forget


Model designed for all ecommerce startups with physical inventory

Jesus santin feedback
Drew gillson feedback startup
Cole chapman feedback

2 pricing options

Get a filled in model, or the filled in model + a blank version of the file.

Filled in model

Filled in + blank

  • The base model has been populated with numbers so you can see how it works
  • You can edit it however you want
  • This version comes with 2 Excel files
  • In addition there is a blank version of the file with no assumptions in it to save you time if you want to start from scratch

Quick walkthrough

Here's me explaining the video fairly briefly and pretending to enjoy it (All videos will be updates)


Who the heck is hawking me a financial model!?

Hey! It's me Alexander Jarvis. I like Excel and I love eCommerce.

  • I'm the #1 seller of startup financial models in the world
  • Worked in M&A (Lazard financial institutions group)
  • I intimately know startup and what VCs care about having done both for over 10 years
  • TEDx, Top Quora Writer, accelerator mentor, fund advisor etc
  • I don't like bragging, so just read my blog and download free tools to see if I know what I'm talking about
  • Inspired by a fashion startup that raised $55m to date

Free training course

I haven't posted a training course yet. I will do soon. Oh joy. 70% of sheets in my other models are the same though so you can see those videos in the mean time.

Training Videos

Source and uses

There are a lot of cool features under the hood

An insightful and useful model needs to work for you, not against you.

My models do require thought on inputs, but there are 26 sheets to support you to derive all the outputs that you need without any coding.

On this page I'm going to very briefly allude to some of the functionality on each sheet so you have an idea what's going down in funky town. 

[I'm updating the model and will add it when I'm done]
subscription ecommerce architecture

23 sheets

There are lots of sheets in the model. Check out what they are so you can get an idea of what's in there. It's a list from the model with just one brief line per sheet. Writing this stuff is boring and know you don't want to read it either. Just saying.


Want to know more?

Let's run through details and answer your FAQs

Details on the model



Want this model in a different currency? Now you can!

Convert all currencies in the model into one of 17 different currencies with a button mash

This model uses formatted currencies in $ (Why I use US Dollars). I often get asked if it is available in other currencies such as €? So I made an Excel PC addin to do that (It was hard!)

At the press of a button you can now convert the model into 17 different currencies. You just need to purchase the productivity addin.

Here are the currencies you can use with the macro:

Currency list The format you will see
Krone kr
Rp Rp

Part of the productivity addin

All my favourite hacks and time saving tools in one place


More than likely, you aren't a huge Excel nerd like me, so you probably don't know about macros? These are hacks to make modeling in Excel much more faster and less painful. I love them!

I've been making models for years, so you can be sure I know what is useful and what is not. I decided to not just make the currency conversion macro, but add in all my most used hacks. You just hit a button and it will do handy things.

What can you do?

  • Automatically format your cells so they have 'investment banking' standard black, blue and green
  • Change the zoom and cell position of every sheet so it looks great when others read it
  • Save a backup of your model (v1, v2, v3) at the push of a button so you never get a corrupt model
  • Add error checks to your formulas
  • And a whole bunch of other nerdy things you'll understand when you are making models yourself!


  • This is for PC. Gates hates Mac so.... All the plugins other than 'check sheet sizes' work in Mac, but I don't warrant anything if you are on Mac (Sorry). I'm trying to find a developer to rewrite the code for Mac so the images, tips etc work too
  • Currency conversion only works on 50Folds models. It won't on any other model (My code looks for certain cells... There is a hack- ask if you want to know)

2 pricing options

Get a filled in model, or the filled in model + a blank version of the file.

Filled in model

Filled in + blank

  • The base model has been populated with numbers so you can see how it works
  • You can edit it however you want
  • This version comes with 2 Excel files
  • In addition there is a blank version of the file with no assumptions in it to save you time if you want to start from scratch

Purchase guide and note

Let's just get clear so you know how it works and what to expect

Buying models

Getting the model

  • Payment and delivery of the model is 100% automated!
  • There's 3 upsell pages (Don't hate me for trying). At the end you can press download to get the file immediately
  • It's hosted on SamCart and payment is via Stripe (Secure)
  • There are no refunds. These are digital goods you can't return
  • If you have questions ask me first in the chat or via email
  • If you aren't sure if this is the right model for you, ask me!
  • As soon as you pay there is the end page to press download
  • After you buy you get confirmation emails from SamCart
  • Delivery of the model is automated
  • Note: I don't know why, but some clients get emails slow
  • The file comes in a zip file. You need to unzip it (e.g. WinZip)
  • If you're really stuck, ping me an email or via chat box!

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  1. Do you have a model for market-network platform, or network marketplace model, like AirBnb, Houzz, Uber etc.. That supports a mobile payments platform?


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  2. Hi there , I’m in the process of buying a subscription e-commerce that is about 5 years old with 200k in revenue. So they already have a certain amount of data but I want to test some optimisation scenarios and see how it plays out down the line. Would this model work for it? I’m assuming with a few tweaks maybe? Thanks

    1. Post

      Sorry, didn’t see this comment, Gary. You can use this model to model out their business. There aren’t multiple scenarios since the model is already fricking huge and most people can’t handle more. You would want to add in some scenarios or just play with numbers and see what happens.
      In any case, if you need a model, there’s nothing on the internet like the models I build so it will be the best base you will find.

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